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Positive Expectancy – Expect the best in the New Year



Your Positive Expectancy Plan:

It’s a new year and I want you to make a decision today to live with “positive expectancy”. Commit to focusing on what you want rather than what you don’t want. Life doesn’t have to be “the way it is”. Challenge this thinking. If you are willing to make the commitment to taking the necessary steps your life will be different.

Consider the following in your quest to expect the best for your life:

1) Stay Cheerful

Trying to see the positive side despite the hardships in life is often seen as unrealistic, as if it’s a better idea to expect problems and disappointment. Remember though, that what you expect often becomes your reality. When we expect very little we often get very little. Our thinking and expectancy attitudes create self fulfilling prophecies. If you never even consider something to be a possibility, you will dismiss it and never give it a chance or let it grow. Think big and be hopeful and this can lead to better things. Train yourself to be a person that sees the glass as half full.

2) Monitor Your Thinking

Watch your thinking as we all have a tendency to think negatively. Always challenge this type of thinking. When you go to a party, expect that people will be glad to see you. Expect them to like you and to enjoy your company. If you do this, you will seem open, friendly, relaxed and approachable. Expect good things, hope for the best.

3) Avoid Assumptions

Be aware of assumptions. For example: if you have had a bad experience with a builder, you may assume that all builders can’t be trusted. Try not to generalise. Keep an open mind about others and see each new experience as a neutral new experiences rather than assuming things related to past experience.

4) Be Appreciative

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Right now you have so many reasons to be cheerful. Think of five of them right now. Appreciate your surroundings, your family and friends, the positive details of your life. It’s so easy to focus on what’s missing, what others have (or seem to have) or what we don’t have. This attitude cultivates anxiety and is counterproductive.

5) Choose Optimistic Friends

It’s okay to have pessimistic friends but limit your time with them, especially if you are feeling vulnerable. People and their attitudes will influence your mood. A theory exists that we all have a personal vibration which is largely determined by the nature of our thoughts. As you work on yourself and consciously change your approach to life, your personal vibration will change.

It’s the first of January, a whole year ahead awaits. Set the scene for it to be as good as possible by being open to possibilities. See the connection between what you do now and what will happen in the future. Have faith in yourself and draw up a list of empowering beliefs and brilliant expectations for yourself. Stop making excuses and/or procrastinating. Life isn’t a dress rehearsal.

Happy New Year!!!!

Mandy X



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