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Mandy Kloppers

Stop Making Excuses

Why is it that we avoid doing the very things that we know will be good for us? It is simply a lack of discipline or is there some kind of pay-off for not sticking to our goals? How do you stop making excuses and get stuff done?

My guess is that it is a combination of both.

In order to make progress and stop all the excuses, we need to truly recognize that we are responsible for ourselves. No one else can lose weight for us, learn that course work, make new friends – if we don’t do it for ourselves it just won’t happen.
So – the first thing is to take FULL responsibility for where we are in life. No more blaming others (it’s my parent’s fault) or procrastinating. If we don’t start now then when??
Ask yourself what the cost will be to you if you don’t make the changes.
We often think about the negatives of trying to achieve our goals. For example – losing weight makes us think of feeling hungry and going without all those delicious treats we enjoy.
Yet, if we focus on the pride we will feel and how much happier we will feel about ourselves and focus less on the temporary loss, we will be far more likely to see it through.

Do it for you – believe that you deserve to be loved, look great…whatever it is that you want to achieve..believe that you deserve it. Sometimes we thwart ourselves by allowing mental barriers to exist in our thinking.
“I’m not good enough”…or somewhere, deep down, we don’t really believe that the reality we wish for could ever really happen for us. Believe that you CAN make it happen – that you have the power and control to sort it out and make it real.

Make a list of what needs to be done – break it down into small manageable steps and get cracking. Visualise the reality appearing for you – imagine how you will feel, how you will act.
This is a psychological project as much as it is a practical project.

Start small, be realistic and move forward….what are you waiting for??

Mandy X