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Energy Awareness

Energy Awareness

Do you ever get days where you feel you have nothing left to give? As if every last cell in your body is depleted and empty? When we feel drained, there are always signs that you can pick up on. They indicate that it’s time to rejuvenate and take time out.

There are many signs:

Physical signs: –  exhaustion and fatigue; sleep problems; heart palpitations; sweaty palms; breathlessness and clenched teeth/fists are all signs that you are overloaded

Emotional/Mental Signs: – tearful, irritable, anxious, stressed out and tense; road rage, underlying anger etc

Sometimes, we keep on giving at our own expense and this is why it is so important to maintain healthy boundaries.

Ask yourself these questions to help you figure out your boundaries.

1) Identify the people in your life who are energy contributors, those that make you happy, whom you enjoy and who leave you feeling uplifted, positive and satisfied. Seek them out and spend more time with them!

2) What are the activities that you do that contribute to your good feelings or that give you energy?

3) Consider the activities that are not contributing to your energy and decide if some or all of them can be eliminated.

4) What would you like to do, or have, or be that doesn’t require someone or something else to change?

5) What do you do most days that zaps your energy and time and gives back very little in the way of real joy? What is one small thing you could try today, right now, that would feel positive?

Energy awareness is vital for keeping yourself safe from extremes. Think about the above questions and try introduce something little every day. An action or a plan that moves you toward allowing more positive energy into your life. Reduce whatever brings negative energy in your life by first identifying the source. The more positive energy you have in your life, the more zest you will have for yourself, others and life. Balance the negative and positive energy in your life to keep you on an even keel and to help you cope with whatever life throws at you!

Mandy X