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  • healthy planet
    Are You Sitting Comfortably?
      Are You Sitting Comfortably? Sometimes I have to wonder if too many of us (myself included) sit too comfortably in our safe little spaces whilst the world around us...
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  • Strong Mind
    How to be Mentally Strong
    Mentally Strong Turbulent times surround us. There are no guarantees and more uncertainty than ever before. Learning to tolerate uncertainty and regulate our emotions is key to facing this troubled...
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  • blame
    Culture of Blame
    Culture of Blame We live in age where many people indulge in the Blame Game. “It wasn’t me”… “You’re to blame”… “Why did you let this happen?” … and so...
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  • positive thinking
    How Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has helped me
    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a talking therapy that can help you manage your problems by changing the way you think and behave. CBT cannot remove your problems, but can...
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  • global happiness
    Mental Health – A Global Priority
    Mental Health – A Global Concern It really concerns me that Governments worldwide do not take mental health issues more seriously. Mental Health often gets the short straw when it...
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  • happy friends
    Women – Support Each Other
    Women – Support Each Other I’m not entirely sure why but I began to mistrust women from the age of about seventeen. I had many girl friends at school and...
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  • begin now take risks
    Risk it
      Risk It   We are born without psychological restraints and initially see possibilities and opportunities everywhere. At the age of two, one of our most frequently said words is...
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  • father and daughter
    How to undo negative programming
    Undo Negative Programming Our childhoods affect us immensely. Of course, some of our characteristics are genetically inherited – whether we are shy and prefer to observe instead of rush in...
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  • Ways You Let Yourself Down
    Ways You Let Yourself Down
      Ways You Let Yourself Down   1) I’ll be happy when…statements You let yourself down when you delay your happiness upon the condition of a future event occurring. You...
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  • self love
    Amazing You
    Amazing You I come across so many people who don’t like themselves. They self sabotage, criticise themselves and put up with bad behaviour from others. When we allow others to...
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  • woman with no expression
    Post Traumatic Growth
      Post Traumatic Growth Life is full of irony and paradoxes. The more people I meet, the more my theory about post traumatic growth is confirmed. We all want to...
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  • lady smiling and happy
    Twelve Ways to Find Peace and Contentment
    Twelve Ways to Find Peace and Contentment Accept your ‘human-ness’. So you want peace and contentment? Fat, thin, short or tall…able-bodied or disabled. We are all here in a particular...
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  • Oscar Pistorius (R) and his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp
    Psychologist’s Expert Opinion on Oscar Pistorius Trial
        Expert Opinion on Oscar Pistorius In my opinion, Oscar Pistorius is guilty and here are my reasons as an objective expert: No Response from Reeva It is possible,...
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  • couple talking
    Relationship Breaks – Do They Work?
      Sometimes the ones we love are the same people who drive us up the wall. When the tension and resentment builds up, it can begin to take a toll...
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  • happy couple
    Relationship Advice
      Good tips to live by to navigate the tricky world of relationships: 1) A relationship shouldn’t be hard work. If you find it a hard slog to get along...
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