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  • collective unconscious
    Collective Unconsciousness
          British Dictionary definitions forcollective unconscious Collective Unconsciousness noun  1. (psychol) (in Jungian psychological theory) apart of the unconscious mind incorporating patterns of memories, instincts, and experiences common to all man kind. These patterns are inherited, may be arranged into archetypes, and are observable through their effects on dreams,behaviour, etc   Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung postulated that archetypes are models of people, behaviours or personalities exist. Jung suggested...
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  • airbrushing
    Body Confidence
      Photo credit:ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com   Body Confidence I have never met a client (or anyone for that matter who has spoken to me about it) who has been 100% happy with...
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  • prison
    Is prison effective?
      The imprisonment of Oscar Pistorius recently got me thinking about incarceration and the question emerged- is prison effective? I have worked in a high security prison as well as medium...
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  • The Root of all Evil
    The Root of all Evil
      It’s funny you know, not “funny haha” but funny in a peculiar manner just how lost society seems. We’re all searching for something, that elusive feeling of contentment and...
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  • wise words
    Wise Words
    I came across this wonderful article recently and wanted to share….  Mandy X Introduction These are some lessons I wish I had learned much earlier in life. The Lessons You...
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  • misfit
    Are you a misfit?
      Are you a misfit? What exactly makes a misfit? When I speak to most people, they tell me that they feel like a misfit. They may conform on the...
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  • life experiences
    Experiences we all share
      We all feel alone at times but the truth is that we are never truly alone. Someone, somewhere in the world is experiencing something similar to you, whether it’s...
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  • Honouring the animals
    Honouring the animals
    Honouring the animals   Sometimes my mind wanders in random directions. I wonder if there is anyone who is being held against their will right now, somewhere in the world?...
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  • goals
    This post has been written by a guest blogger – Bobby Foster. Thanks Bobby for an insightful message  Mandy X Why You May Not Be Ready To Complete Your Goals...
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  • love-hate relationships
    Love-Hate Relationships
    Love-Hate Relationships They say there’s a thin line between love and hate but what do you do when your life is defined by the ups and downs of a love-hate...
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  • do it differently
    Do it differently
    Do it differently   There’s a saying, “a change is as good as a holiday”. I know I would rather take the holiday  thanks, but sometimes making changes is easier...
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  • internet trolls
    Negativity on the internet
    Negativity on the internet Negativity on the internet is growing. The internet is becoming a convenient and easy way to let off steam and inner aggression. Just look at the...
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  • things we know little about
    Ten things we know very little about
    Things we know very little about The difference between a smartass and a scientist is a smartass thinks he knows everything, while a scientist admits he knows nothing. Ask any...
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  • too much pretending
    Too much pretending
    Too Much Pretending   It worries me, it really really worries me. We go about our daily routines with a heavy load in our minds. It might be to do...
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  • planet earth
    Life in perspective
      Everything is relative. You don’t needto be Einstein to understand that. A human is as big to an ant as a buildingmay be to him. However, the world always...
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