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  • Nine Ways to Conquer Negative Thinking
    Nine Ways to Conquer Negative Thinking
    No one enjoys hearing negative comments from others, especially if there is no constructive value to them. So why put up with these comments when they come from yourself. Negative thinking makes you less attractive to the abundance around you...
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  • Easter Bunny Psychology
    Easter Bunny Psychology
      We tell our children not to lie but then as parents, we lie to our children about the Easter Bunny, the tooth fairy and Santa Claus.From a psychological perspective it is interesting to consider whether this deceit can have...
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  • emotionally unavailable
    How To Spot an Emotionally Unavailable Person
      There is a lot of significance to knowing about emotionally-unavailable people. Dating problems often stem from not knowing how to deal with such people and we often make the mistake of thinking we have what it takes to turn...
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  • break ups
    How to cope with the end of a relationship
      The end of a relationship Just because a relationship has ended, it does not mean that something beautiful isn’t around the corner. The end of a relationship creates space for something else, at the very least for yourself and...
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  • How To Manage Worry
    How To Manage Worry
      Strategies¬† to manage/counteract worrying: Worry affects all of us although some of us seem to be more prone to worrying and others. Most worrying is counter-productive and is a form of mental torture. Apparently, we all experience around 80,000...
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