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  • be more sociable
    How to be more sociable
    How to be more sociable Everyone goes through phases of feeling less sociable. We all have doubts at times and can feel anxious in social situations. This is normal. If...
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  • normalising bad behaviour
    Normalising Bad Behaviour
    Normalising Bad Behaviour In the beginning of a relationship, things will seem great. When you are with someone who has a tendency to be abusive, there will be subtle signs...
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  • live dangerously
    Live Dangerously
        Live Dangerously Okay, I’m not talking about robbing little old ladies (or men for that matter) or doing anything illegal but I have noticed how so many people...
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  • unplugged emotionally
    Are you ‘Unplugged?’
    Are you ‘Unplugged?’ Every time life deals us a negative blow, we withdraw a little. We toughen up, we cultivate a thicker skin. Our emotional baggage begins to grow and...
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  • regrets of the dying
    5 Regrets of the dying
      5 Regrets of the dying   Growing older brings with it a certain wisdom. I spent several years working with the elderly and learned so much by listening to...
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  • gadgets
    Time Saving Gadgets
      Time Saving Gadgets   Modern day living and growing to-do lists leave many of us feeling pushed for time. Life seems to have become more about what we can...
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  • signs of burnout
    Signs of burnout
    Signs of burnout Is your current pace sustainable? Are you burning the candle at both ends? In this fast paced world where there are so many demands upon us, burnout...
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  • 5 Things You Could Stop Worrying About
    5 Things You Could Stop Worrying About
    5 Things You Could Stop Worrying About I like to think of worrying as unnecessary mental torture. We experience something like 50 000 thoughts per day (some estimate the figure...
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  • stress intervention
    Positive Stress Interventions
      Positive Stress Interventions   Do you ever feel stressed? I guess that’s a silly question. Even when you try (like I do daily…and often miss my target!) to stay...
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  • emotional well being
    Emotional Well Being
    Emotional Well Being –  the cornerstone of a happy stable society It’s common sense that a good quality of life and the best chance at peace and contentment come from a...
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  • successful people
    Words successful people never say
    Words successful people never say We set ourselves up for failure or success in our minds before we even begin.What we tell ourselves can become a self fulfilling prophecy. More...
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  • paradox of choice
    The Paradox of Choice
    The Paradox of choice it may seem that having a lot of choice is a good thing. However research has shown that having too much choice can overwhelm us and...
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  • interesting stuff
    Interesting stuff you probably don’t know
          Interesting stuff you probably don’t know   Research suggests that laziness is just a natural part of being a teenager and doesn’t reflect bad behavior. The world’s...
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  • fractured identity
    Fractured identities
    Fractured identities   To some degree, we all have fractured identities. The various roles that we are expected to fulfil enable us to pigeon hole parts of ourselves into overlapping...
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  • ignorant parents
    Ignorant Parents
    No one is perfect and I am not referring to parents who make the odd faux-pas. We all do! What I am referring to here is parents who methodically and...
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