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  • arguing couple
    Power struggles in relationships
      Power Struggles in Relationships Relationships are rarely constantly equal as they progress. At times, one person will seem stronger and more in control than the other and this can...
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  • mom
    Playground Politics
    Playground Politics Playground politics is rife in schools across the globe. Bullying, telling tales, tight knit cliques – they are all a part of many mothers’ existence. Many mothers feel...
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  • the big picture
    Big Picture Thinking
    Big Picture Thinking Are you a global, big picture thinker? Do details and minutaie annoy you? Albert Einstein was a typical big picture thinker. Apparently, he never wore socks, believed...
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  • sorry
    Stop Apologising
    Stop Apologising When you apologise too much it send a message to others that you can be manipulated and that you are unsure of yourself. Save apologies for when they...
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  • keep the faith
    Sevens ways to keep hope alive
     Keep hope alive Life can be tough at times. It can seem as if everything is against you at times. So how do we get through, is there anything we can...
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  • Oscar Pistorius
    The trouble with Oscar Pistorius
      Oscar Pistorius So, judge Thokozile Masipa has convicted Oscar Pistorius of culpable homicide and not murder. While I can see the reasoning behind this judgement, I am perplexed at...
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  • women
    Women United
      I just love it when women champion each other. Where there is a spirit of true happiness for the good fortune of other girls. There really is enough to...
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  • gratitude
    Gratitude and Mindfulness
    Gratitude and Mindfulness GRATITUDE There are two meta-attitudes that can significantly increase your happiness score. The first is gratitude. The miracle of gratitude is that it shifts your perception to...
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  • happy couple hugging
    Relationships – nurture them for contentment
    Relationships – nurture them for contentment Relationships are the heart of happiness. We all need people in our life, to share experiences and feel connected. Social research has found “rich...
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  • love yourself
    Self Acceptance
       Self Acceptance Self: I know who I am, and I like myself. Happiness is your original nature—it is what you first experienced before you began to identify with a body,...
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  • what you really want
    Formula for finding out what you want
    Formula for finding out what you want How do you figure out specifically what you want in life? You must ask yourself a series of four questions 1) What do I want?...
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  • psychology
    Interesting Psychological Stuff
    Interesting Psychological Stuff 1) Baby Steps Tiny victories build confidence on a biological level, says neuropsychologist Ian Robertson in his book The Winner Effect. Each feat sprouts androgen receptors in the...
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  • stress
    10 ways to reduce stress and anxiety
    How to reduce stress and anxiety Stress and anxiety are a part of modern life and there is no way to avoid it. It therefore pays to know how to...
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  • selective attention psychology tests
    Selective Attention Test
    Selective Attention Test This is one of the best known psychology tests.Watch this video and count how many times the players in the white shirts pass the basketball:     How many...
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  • pleasure
    It’s been too long…
    Structure in life is generally a good thing, the problems come in when structure turn us into automatons. We fit into our routines and it becomes a safe ‘cage’ for...
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