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How to Show Your Love: 5 Loving Gift Ideas

Do you know all five of the love languages?

Words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service, and receiving gifts, make up the 5 different types of love languages. While some love languages are easy to master, others can take time and practice to perfect.

For example, figuring out how to show your love using gifts, takes both insight and patience. Rather than rushing out to buy a traditional gift, it’s all about finding the present that will speak straight from your heart.

Are you ready to show someone special in your life, how much they mean to you? Read on to learn about 5 amazing gift ideas to express your love.

  1. Engraving Jewelry

If you want to know how to show your love using jewelry, we suggest buying pieces and having them engraved. Instead of having to go to a jewelry store in person, you can instantly view source online to find different jewelry pieces and styles.

Whether you’re looking for a gift to show your love on a special occasion, or you just want to spice things up, engraved jewelry will instantly make the gift personal. When you’re engraving jewelry pieces, the simpler the message the better.

We find that long worded engravements are less powerful, while short messages pack a more heartfelt punch.

  1. Surprise Experiences

While it’s great to receive physical gifts, sometimes the best presents are the ones that live in our minds. Rather than planning a special outing with your loved one, try surprising them by planning an outing to try something new.

Whether you have a picnic in a park you’ve never been to, or try out a new restaurant, enjoy experiencing something out of your ordinary routine, together.

  1. How to Show Your Love to Relatives

Give your out of state family members a personalized photo album with photographs capturing what life’s like for you and your family.

The photo album is sure to be a cherished treasure any relative would be proud to own. Plus, sharing the story of your love, lets your partner know how much your relationship means to you.

  1. Gift of Song

Writing a song for someone is hands down one of the most romantic ways to express your love.

If you’re not musically talented, your loved one will still appreciate the effort you put forth to express your feelings towards them. Print up the words to your song on a thick piece of paper and frame it in an ornate frame.

  1. Expressing New Love

Are you looking for the right gift to give someone who doesn’t already know you love them? If you have romantic feelings for someone, a great way to let them know is with a bouquet.

However, instead of relying on a simple flower bouquet, don’t be afraid to branch out. There are tons of creative bouquets you can purchase or make yourself like candy or fruit bouquets.

Choose Love Everyday

Now you know how to show your love with 5 fun gift giving ideas. We hope that you’ll be able to use these ideas to spark joy and love in your relationship.

If you want to find more ways to grow and strengthen your relationship, we’d love to help!

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