Mandy Kloppers

Gifts That Last in a World That Will Last

The world is full of fleeting things that are here today and gone tomorrow. The way a lot of things are passed around, one would almost think that the notion of planned obsolescence is so commonplace that it’s the nature of life in general. The thing is a lot of stuff does last. In fact, lasting is essential if the world is going to continue. Consumerism can only go so far before it gets insane. Also, being green doesn’t need to mean being tacky. 


The green movement has a lot of moving parts to it. Sometimes, these parts seem a bit strange, especially when it comes to things you have to make yourself. Who has time to do all of that? In a perfect world, people have a lot more interesting things to do with their time. This is why most people end up buying sustainable products, as well as making the best use of things, to keep up their end of helping the environment.


Reducing and Reusing 


If you’ve ever been to a second-hand shop, you know that there are people who think it’s nothing but garbage. But then, for a lot of people, there are a lot of small treasures that can be found in these kinds of shops. The notion of reducing and reusing is a significant part of the original reduce, reuse, and recycle triangle that came about many years ago. While it might seem dirty at times, this can actually help a lot.


When you get a second-hand item, it may seem gross or uncouth to give it as a gift. However, when you think about it, sometimes, the most significant difference between garbage and antiques is the emotional value that someone puts on them. An old lamp or pillow, cleaned up a bit, can be every bit as nice as a new one off the shelf. The difference is there’s a mysterious history that can never fully be known attached to the classic items. As long as you take care of them, reducing and reusing can be wonderful.


Materials That Regenerate 


The world runs on a lot of materials, and some of these materials are pretty much never going to come back. Anything that’s plastic or oil-based isn’t going to be produced beyond a certain quantity, no matter what. It will get both more expensive and more potentially damaging to the environment, the more we try and extract. Sustainability is definitely a good thing.


This is why a bamboo throw blanket is a great gift. Since bamboo grows rapidly, it will regenerate immediately. Also, since it uses a living material that produces oxygen, supporting the industry by getting products made out of it is good for the environment in general, as well as being good for people’s health. The more air, the better for people. Sometimes, a small gift that comes from a great source is just the right thing to give. The fact that it’s comfortable and long-lasting is just icing on the cake.

Mandy X

Photo by D. Jameson RAGE on Unsplash