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Mandy Kloppers

How Do Stress and Anxiety Stain Relationships?

Dealing with stress and anxiety can adversely affect many aspects of your life. This is among the most overlooked topic as most individuals do not like talking about their mental stability. Among the most affected areas when dealing with stress and anxiety are relationships. This gets even worse when you are not ready to open up or you when those around you are not understanding and supportive enough. 

The worst part about anxiety is that it affects even those around you. You may start isolating yourself and this in return, leaves your family and friends stressed about the situation. They could be worried about whatever you are going through, but they have no idea of how they can help.  

The good thing is that there are proven ways to cope with such feelings, such as seeking the help of a therapist. You may also get weighted blankets for stress and anxiety, which you can use every time you feel overwhelmed or restless. 

Let’s have a look at how anxiety can strain your relationships. 


One of the observable behaviors that people exhibit when they are stressed or anxious is self-isolation. You will notice that you do not want to interact with your peers, and most of the times, you are deep in thought. This may make them feel like you are avoiding them, and in the end, your relationship gets stained. This could get worse in case of a romantic relationship because your partner may feel like you no longer want them and could result in a breakup. 


The other typical behavior that you are likely to exhibit when anxious is tension. Anxious people are always worried about something and barely enjoy the moment. You will be restless most of the time, and even those around you can feel that something is not well. In this case, your loved ones may not know how to respond and may not want to be around you. This makes it hard for you to connect and communicate with your friends and family, hence damaging the relationships. 


This is more connected to the isolation point where anxious people do not like being around others or sharing their problems. They love doing things alone and get irritated if anyone tries to come in or offer assistance. You could be going through the worst and still choose to keep it to yourself. When going through anxiety, you tend to develop trust issues. You begin to question everything and everyone around you, and that is why you cannot ask for support. This can make your friends, family or partner feel left out. They will start overthinking about the situation and feel like you do not want them around you. Communication becomes a problem, and this ruins relationships. 

Stress and anxiety are a common mental health problem, and if not managed sooner, it could result in something more dangerous or depression. If you realize that you or your loved one is exhibiting any signs of anxiety, seek immediate professional help. Also, invest in a weighted blanket as it works as a perfect therapy, available whenever you need it. 

Photo by Milan Popovic on Unsplash