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Anxiety, Nausea and Vision – How It All Relates

Anxiety is a terrible state of being. You feel fearful and panicked without knowing exactly the reason why. This uncertainty piles up and can sometimes take its turn for the worst. Its effects are far-reaching and can start hampering you from functioning properly if left unchecked. One of the ways that one can develop anxiety is his or her inability to see properly what is in his or her surroundings. This can happen if the person is partially impaired visually or what we call a misalignment in vision. This causes a few symptoms like blurriness or double vision that would then cause a person to be dizzy. Aside from anxiety, it can also cause difficulty in walking due to the eyesight imbalance. In this article we are going to talk about anxiety, nausea and vision and how it all relates to each other. 


Taking Anxiety, Nausea and Vision Seriously 


A lot of times, when people talk about anxiety they often stress the part where they do not know what they are being anxious about. There are indeed a lot of cases where one cannot pinpoint his or her source of anxiety but that does not make his or her anxiety any less valid. The worst thing that you can say to a person suffering from anxiety is to dismiss his or her concern as only all on his or her head. 


Anxiety can be upsetting and there are a lot of times that it can be complicated into things beyond psychological. There is no clear cut way to stop anxiety but there are ways to manage it. Life under anxiety is a challenge and if you know someone and know that you can help, then do try to lend a hand. If you think you are suffering from one yourself, then it should not appear as a weakness to ask for help. 


Anxiety can affect a person beyond his or her psychology. Our thoughts and our pains are simply a complex weave of chemicals that are stirred up in our brains. Thus, it would not be far-fetched to say that anxiety can have physical consequences and manifest symptoms. The simplest way to prove this is to think about the last time that you felt anxious. Chances are you were not sitting still. In fact, your heart must be raising and your breath cluttered. And most notably, you feel physical pain emanating from the stomach as if you just got punched in the gut. These symptoms are all physical that are indirect effects of anxiety. 


The more people want to understand the symptoms of anxiety, the more they tend to dwell away from the topic. Most people cast off anxiety as simply nervousness. While indeed, nervousness is one of the more common symptoms of anxiety, it is but just. Anxiety is a complex condition that may arise from many causes and can develop many symptoms as well. 


Anxiety, Nausea and Vision And Its Effect in the Body 


Anxiety is the body’s response to stress thus, you can expect that having anxiety will have physical effects as well. Humans, and indeed every organism had evolved to counter dangers in their environment. Take for instance, the goose bumps. There really is no real reason for those spots to pop up yet they show up whenever we are feeling stressed or extreme emotion. If you are going to take a quick look at the animal kingdom, you see a lot of different animals that share the same mechanism. But, unlike us, they actually trigger feathers to pop up and scare their predators. Without feathers, scales or long hair for us to prance around with, we are left with weird bumps in our body. This proves that the body does indeed do something to respond to our anxieties. And although not as obvious as our fan feathered distant relatives, you can be sure that it can manifest in our body in a lot of different ways. 


So what physical symptoms can prop up when one feels anxious? You might have already felt these yourselves and did not know exactly what triggered them. The most common way for anxiety to show itself is by affecting our digestive system. Most common of which is stomach pains as well as nausea and even difficulties in digestive functions. At least now, you can explain what butterflies in our stomach really means everytime we see our crush. And let us just be glad that the symptoms did not go as far as digestive troubles. Or we would see the bathroom for as much as our crush makes our heart flutter. 


Another symptom that patients usually complain about relates to pains in the head. This can complicate into other symptoms like insomnia and the like. It can be quite crippling to have anxiety and part of the reason is that most people actually experience crippling pain. Luckily, these symptoms are rarer compared to other ones. 


Anxiety, Nausea and Vision and How It All Connects 


The sense in our body we are most acquainted with is the sense of sight. We are always aware of what we see compared to what we smell or hear. Thus, when something were to happen with our vision, we could suddenly feel anxiety. There is a reason why they are related to each other. Without being able to see exactly what is in front of you, you might start feeling weary and understandably tired. These, and all the other effects of anxiety can become a burden stemming from difficulty in seeing clearly. 


What you can do is to fix your eyesight. Albeit it is not a complete fix as anxiety is usually rooted from other traumas that you have experienced in the past. Of course, clearing up one of the ways that triggers your anxiety is alway a good thing and you should get to it as soon as you can. A good eyesight can give us clarity not just in the way we actually see but in how we process our emotions as well. 

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

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