Mental Health

Mandy Kloppers

Home Organization Tips for Maintaining Your Mental Health

Maybe you just want to better your organizational skills, or perhaps you’re in a funk, but you’re here for a reason. Whether you’re burnt out from work, stressed about the kids, or sad due to a breakup, you must take care of yourself. Getting organized is one of the greatest ways to maintain your mental health. Check out some of these organizational tips and how they help keep you grounded when you’re not feeling your best. 

Start at Home

Start organizing your home before anything else; while organization is vital at work, nothing is more important than feeling relaxed in your own home. Home is where you should be decompressing after a long day, but relaxing is a bit unrealistic if you surround yourself with clutter and have frequent messes to worry about. In order to keep yourself afloat, make sure to keep your spaces tidy. Start by choosing one room each day so as not to overwhelm yourself; start in your home office, then the kitchen, your bedroom, the living room, the bathroom… the list goes on.

Organize Your Home Office

One of the most satisfying rooms to organize is an office. Office spaces can collect clutter like crazy; almost nothing feels better than clearing it all out. Here’s a short list of tools and techniques to help organize your office space:

  • Consider cloud computing. This will clean up your computer by keeping everything online, so there’s less to worry about. 
  • Use various shelving units. Put baskets or bins on the lower levels for messier items, and put all your books and plants on the upper levels. 
  • Incorporate a wall calendar or planner. Organization goes beyond physical objects; keep your events and plans tidy by writing them down in one place. Not only will the reminder be helpful, but simply writing things down will help you retain the information. 

Organize Your Bedroom

Remember when you were a kid and rearranging your room felt like a monumental event? Well, it was, and it still is. If your bedroom feels stale or uncomfortable, perhaps you should look into doing some rearranging and organizing. Below are some easy ways to freshen up your bedroom and clear your mind. 

  • Use under-bed storage bins. The area beneath your bed tends to go untouched, but there’s so much space under there; use it to your advantage by storing shoes or spare blankets beneath it. 
  • Use a hamper. Make sure your dirty laundry has a place to live when it isn’t being washed. A tidy space leads to a clear mind, so if you’ve got dirty clothes lying about, it’s going to affect you. 
  • Add wall decor. Empty walls can be somewhat offputting without anyone realizing it. Surround yourself with colors and images that you enjoy in order to feel comfortable in your space. 
  • Purge your closet. A messy closet is arguably the most frustrating part of a bedroom. By decluttering your wardrobe, you can save yourself the stress and frustration of thumbing through too much clothing when trying to get to work on time.

Of course, there are more than just these two rooms in your home; however, your office space and bedroom are two of the most important ones. It’s crucial that your home office stays tidy to avoid any mishaps or miscommunications that may lead to stress and anxiety. At the same time, your bedroom is your ultimate wind-down location. Suppose you have to climb over piles of clothes to get into a messy and unkempt bed. In that case, it’s significantly harder to get comfortable. Consider implementing these few organizational tools and tricks to keep your mind as fresh and clutter-free as your newly organized home.