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Mandy Kloppers

Commonly Asked Questions About Nootropics

When looking up what Nootropics might be right for you, it can be challenging to find all of the answers in an easy-to-find place. Often, this means bouncing from website to website to get the full picture. 


There are secondary questions you might have about the popular nootropic adrafinil. Under the assumption that you’ve done at least some cursory research on adrafinil and its effects, this article answers some questions you might have. Even if you haven‘t, this guide will probably still come in handy. All you should know is that adrafinil is a light stimulant often used by people who want a boost whenever they require mental clarity and physical energy. But then, there are, of course, tons of relevant questions when it comes to actually using adrafinil: 


How much should I take? 


If you’re looking on the Internet for adrafinil capsules, you’ll most often find the capsules to contain somewhere around 300 mg. This is smack dab in the middle of the road as far as adrafinil doses are concerned, with 100 mg being a very light dose and 600 mg being a very heavy one.  


How long does it take to kick in? 


Since adrafinil needs to be metabolized into modafinil before it begins working, it takes a pinch longer than similar nootropics for the effects to be felt. Typically, this is somewhere in the realm of 45-60 minutes. Taking the pills on an empty stomach can help accelerate the process, but it will still take at least half an hour before you notice it working. 


How long does it last? 


Despite the reasonably lengthy amount of time it takes for it to kick in, adrafinil is definitely not lacking in the longevity department. A single 300 mg dose is likely to last a minimum of 10 hours and a maximum of 12. This should be noted by anyone who wishes to take it, as if you take it too close to bed, you may experience difficulty falling asleep. The peak of the experience will be felt at the 2nd-4th-hour mark. At this point, it will plateau for some time, and then you’ll begin to return to baseline slowly. 


Should I cycle adrafinil? 


The process of cycling a nootropic is taking the substance for a period of time, and then abstaining for another period of time to keep tolerance at bay. Adrafinil is a powerful substance, and absolutely, should be cycled to avoid any adverse effects. The upper limit for how long you should take adrafinil consistently is about five months, but it’s recommended to take at least a week off every two to three weeks. If you notice your dose of adrafinil isn’t working like how it used to, that’s a sign you should take a break. 




Hopefully, this guide can help fill in some of the blanks you can’t seem to find on more comprehensive guides to this wonderful substance. Being properly educated is extremely important whenever you plan on taking any sort of supplement for a long period of time, with adrafinil not being an exception to that rule. Best of luck, and hopefully, this compound is just what you’re looking for. 


Photo by Gesina Kunkel on Unsplash