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Mandy Kloppers

Are you a typical millenial?

Are you a typical millenial? Below is a list of the things typical millenials have/say/do:


Millenials rent, most of their money goes on paying someone else’s mortage.

Self care

Millenials are far more into looking after themselves than their previous generations were. The good thing about this is that this also includes being more aware of mental health and understanding what depression and anxiety are. Millenials are also more likely to seek help for depression or any other related mental health issues – good stuff!


Yep, millenials spend more time on their phones (mobile phones are essential in today’s millenial world). We are also seeing a surge in the purchase of all the latest gagdets. We live life online.

Online shopping

Millenials tend to buy online more often than they spend money in stores. It’s quick, it’s convenient and with same day delivery often available, what more could you ask for? The downside to this is that millenials tend to overspend when it comes to clothing and often have far more clothes than they really need.

Tattoos and piercings

It’s been estimated that nearly 40% of millennials have a tattoo.

Tattoos, piercings, hair dye, and other body modifications are a popular form of self-expression for this generation.

Fitness and beauty

There is a huge drive to look good and feel good and many millenials make an effort to go to the gym and to do their nest to eat healthy foods, buying organic when they can.

Entertainment subscriptions

Millenials are going out less and enjoying take outs and watching programmes indoors. Netflix, Apple TV and Amazon are amongst the popular options for home entertainment.


Unfortunately, a lot of millenials are in a lot of debt. Many have had to fund their own university education by taking out loans and many live on credit.


Travel is hugely popular, millenials are curious about the world and want to explore and learn about other ways of life and cultural differences.

Are there any typical millenial behaviours I have left out? Comment and share your opinions below!

Mandy X