Mandy Kloppers

20 Things most of us have in common


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20 Things most of us have in common

1) Self-doubt

2) We all seek external validation

3) We all want to be liked

4) We need connections with others

5) We have all experienced heartache in some form or another

6) We have all experienced rejection

7) We have all experienced failure

8) We all have random crazy thoughts

9) We are all works in progress

10)Wwe will all engage in some type of behaviour that surprises us

11) We are all chugging along day-to-day-no one has all the answers

12) We all feel like outsiders at some point in our lives

13) We all experience anxiety to a greater or lesser degree

14) This one is anecdotal and I’m not sure that everybody has this in common but many of us do not know what will make us truly happy

15) We are not confident 100% of the time

16) It is impossible to be happy 100% of the time

17) We overestimate the abilities of others and often believe they know better than we do

18) We are often our own harshest critic

19) Our upbringings have effected how we see the world

20) We find it hard to be mindful and live in the present moment, our minds often going to the future with “what if” thinking.

We aren’t so different from each other and when we believe this and reach out more to others we can begin to enjoy rewarding relationships and feel connected.

Mandy X