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Celebrate your small successes


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Celebrate your small successes

More often than not, I find that my clients never give themselves credit for any of their success in life – they rarely celebrate their small successes. It seems that we tend to focus on what hasn’t gone right rather than maintaining perspective and looking at the strengths we possess and the things that have gone our way.

Get into the habit of congratulating yourself for your small successes. For some of my really depressed clients, getting out of bed at 2pm instead of 4pm is a small success that should be acknowledged. For others, it can be that they have finally acted on something that they have been procrastinating over.

Learn to recognise and acknowledge your small successes. It gives you a psychological boost and can work wonders for a person’s self esteem. I also recommend that clients write a gratitude journal where they write at least 3 things per day that made them smile. Priming our brains to focus on positives is a clever psychological trick to become more optimistic.

Make an effort to celebrate your small successes. Write them down, give yourself a pat on the back. Even the small stuff counts – be proud!

Mandy X

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