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Mandy Kloppers

Stop Wanting More…

It never ends, the list goes on…look spectacular all the time, be thinner, earn more money, have more friends, go to more parties to network, work harder, buy that new lounge suite, upgrade my phone,do more…more more more
Believe it or not – this process of wanting more never ends.


Less is more

I have seen clients at the top of their game. Do you think they ever sit back and give themselves a pat on the back? No – they are so busy looking at the next challenge to conquer that they forget to enjoy how far they have come.
When I questioned successful clients (I am referring to financial status) they all said the same thing – they worried about losing their fortunes, they worried that they still had so much more to do…


We always want more

A recent survey asked people in their early twenties what things they needed in order to be happy. Most wrote down the typical things such as a house, car, a holiday once a year and so on. Most of them had quite a few things already from the list but were about two items short of what they perceived would be able to give them happiness. Sixteen years later these same people were asked the same question again.
This time, the list was longer than before yet there were still two or three items that they didn’t have. All that had changed was that the list was longer but they were no happier than they were sixteen years earlier – that’s because there was always the NEXT thing to obtain.


Choose experiences over possessions

Step off the treadmill of wanting more.You are enough and you have enough.There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve yourself and strive to be better but when it becomes a prerequisite to attaining true happiness, you’d better think again.
As the saying goes “happiness is an inside job” and I firmly believe this. Attitude and your perceptions of life make all the difference. We are socially conditioned to want more in the false hope/belief that this is the path to fulfilment.
It isn’t. Connecting with others, having a sense of purpose and feeling valued as a human being (for your character not your status or power) are what lead to contentment.
It’s a modern day conspiracy to think you need more4 to be happy. Don’t buy into it. Start with gratitude for what you already have and you’ll be on your way to peace of mind long before those stepping into their new Christian Louboutins/Range Rover.

M x