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Mandy Kloppers

Steps to Beat Addiction

Overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol is no easy accomplishment. Being addicted can be stressful because it can hold a serious stronghold over your mind, body and spirit. Emotionally and physically it can affect your life. Once you realize you are addicted and you know you must make a change, it’s best to consider these ideas and tips to help you move forward back to a normal life.

Find A Hobby or Activity That Brings You Joy

The key to breaking down an addiction is to find something else that brings you more joy than what the addiction gave you. Something like painting, singing, learning an instrument, or engaging in a new sport are all fun ways to occupy your time and utilize your free time to better yourself and experience freedom.

Understand Yourself and Your Triggers

Depending on what it is you are addicted to specifically, learn to understand yourself. Find out what causes that craving for what you’re addicted to. Try to understand what time of the day you feel most vulnerable, when you’re at that tipping point of giving in, and seeing what activities or things you think about that lead to falling prey to your addiction. Once you figure out the signs and triggers, you can better hinder yourself and properly handle every situation to overcome temptation and dipping back to previous habits.

Be Accountable

Holding yourself accountable isn’t easy to do on your own, and this is why it’s best to have a person or a few people hold you accountable. Having a friend or family member know your struggles inside and out can make a big difference to your health. Being accountable is such an important facet to having someone be there for you when you fall down.

Jump in to Rehab

Going to a rehab center can make a world of difference to helping you have a plan of action. Whether you’re addicted to alcohol or drugs, a rehab center is going to properly provide you with therapy, insight, and serious guidance for beating this addiction. If you live in Naples, going to a Naples rehab center that best suits your needs is important. Find out what the center provides, and if it’s a good fit, then definitely join if it feels right.

Keep Track of Your Record

Have a record of how far you’ve come. Maybe write out a list of days you’ve gone without falling in to your addiction. Try to keep a track record of your small successes because that is what’s going to help inspire you to move forward. Be a person who finds joy in every day that you don’t fall prey to your addiction.

These are the right steps to take if you want to move forward in your life and overcome your addiction. Going to a rehab center is the best place to be because you can gain insight from professionals who understand what you’re going through the most. With therapeutic sessions and programs in place, you can gain all the power and knowledge to succeed and get your health back in order. Once you are following a program, it’s all a matter of inner encouragement and improvement to get you to the place you want to be.

Mandy X