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Resist Social Conditioning

social conditioning


Jeezzz…are we all just a bunch of brainwashed individuals? So many of our opinions are formed through what we hear from others and through media channels such as TV, magazines and newspapers. The concern is that many facts and figures are manipulated to make Governments look good. I recently read an article (and I believed it so am I just as guilty as the rest?) that stated even though the Government states that crime is down, the only reason it is down is because the measurements have changed. So for instance – in the past they may have included a punch in the face as assault, this might now be declassified to a less serious crime and will therefore not be included in statistics – thereby falsely decreasing the numbers. Another example given was train times – a recent report stated that trains are more on time than ever before, but apparently that is because they have extended the recommended journey times for trains in order to make it easier for them to adhere to the timetables. So, originally perhaps a train from Guildford to London had a time frame of, say 40 minutes, it might now have a time frame of 55 minutes. The train drivers aren’t getting better at sticking to the tme frame, they just have more time to do it in now…it’s all about HOW things are reported and it worries me.

Conditioning starts at a young age – don’t do this, don’t touch that…say “please”, say “thank you”, wash your hands and keep your elbows off the table. It never ends – a veritable onslaught of rules that suffocate our spirits and beat us down into submission in order to make us nice, polite citizens.

Of course, I am not one for anarchy but I see this poisonous hold reaching further into our private lives more than ever before. The government seem to want to control more of our private lives and our freedom of choice is slowly but surely being eroded away. I wonder where it will stop. The Government want to make pornography an opt in choice to protect children, you can be arrested for not sending your children to school, we must conform or we are punished. What is this world coming to?

It seems the gap between the haves and the have nots is widening and it is clearly a case of who you know, not what you know that opens doors. The politician seems crooked and opportunistic and syphon away public funds when they get the chance and then use government PR to keep them looking up standing to their onlookers. I once read a brilliant quote: it was something along the lines of “the only difference between a fat, smelly, lazy, lying man and a successful, wonderful, charitable man is good public relations”. I happen to agree. ‘Thankfully’,there are many conditioned people out there ready and willing to lap it up. What a disaster!

Stop believing everything you hear and read – often facts are manipulated. Keep an open mind by all means but don’t follow blindly. This is a dangerous strategy. Speak up for what you don’t believe in. Stop being so polite. Stop towing the line. Be kind,be nice and know your values in life but always always go against the grain. The more we all stand for what we believe in, the better the world we live in will be.

Mandy X