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Preparing for the Dentist with a Child with ADHD

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It can be difficult for children to visit the dentist, especially if they have ADHD.  Many dental offices don’t know enough about children with ADHD to help their patients focus and stay calm when they are overwhelmed by smells, tastes, and sounds.  


Because of this, parents often wait too long to take their children with ADHD to the dentist. However, because of behavioral patterns and medications, these children are actually at an increased risk of having issues with their teeth and gums. Children with ADHD have very specific dental care needs that must be addressed regularly and checked early.  


This article offers advice for parents and dentists to help prepare children with ADHD for the dentist.  Dentists need more knowledge when it comes to handling patients with ADHD, and you can help them understand the best way to help your child receive the best possible personalized care. 


Preparing Your Child 

It’s important to prepare your child for their dental visit. Your child may feel an overwhelming amount of anxiety about their upcoming dental appointment, which will result in less successful appointments that are filled with struggles. 


Preparing your child in advance for these appointments can nearly eliminate all of that stress and make for a smooth appointment process. Help them calm down and be less anxious by following these tips.  


Educate Them 

There are a lot of great books and resources available that are directed at children’s anxieties about the dentist. Programs like Sesame Street have several episodes dedicated to reducing fear of the dentist. Start reading these books with them so they know what to expect. Use their favorite characters to introduce them to the idea that dentists are great. 


You can also make sure that they are getting information about everything the dentist will be doing in small doses. This way, they are able to learn at their pace and be prepared for everything they will experience before they get to the office, instead of being overwhelmed by a flood of information when they arrive.  


Ease Them into Dental Appointments  

The best way to do this is to start taking them to the dentist when they’re young. By the time they grow, they will be familiar with any distractions and their dentist will know how to effectively communicate with them. 


Make an introductory appointment to allow your child with ADHD to see the offices, meet the staff, and ask their questions. Make sure that everyone knows the appointment is for them to explore. Have the dental staff on hand to show them all the different tools a dentist may use, and what they sound like and look like. When you do this, it will be easier for your child to sit still and pay attention when the time comes for dental work to be done.  


Establish Oral Hygiene Routines 

Make sure that your child with ADHD is taking the time to perform brushing and flossing routines each day. Their impatient nature can cause them to become easily distracted, which leads to increased likelihood for cavities and more serious issues.  


If your child can’t stick to a routine, find ways to make it fun for them! Throw a dance party with a song that lasts just long enough to ensure a full brushing procedure. Making this a fun process will turn it into their favorite time of day instead of a chore that takes forever. 


Prepare Your Dentist 

Your child isn’t the only one who needs some advanced preparation. You also need to make sure that your dentist is able to provide the right type of care for patients with ADHD.  


Share Medical Records 

When you arrive at your pediatric dentist, bring your medical records and any medications your child is taking so your dentist can form a complete picture of your child’s overall healthcare routine.  


Communication Is Critical 

The dental staff needs to know how to communicate to your child. These children use a lot of nonverbal cues and are very easily distracted. Dentists who are clear and concise when giving instructions, but patient when it comes to distractions and questions will have a much easier time working with their patients with ADHD.  


Schedule Around Medications 

Schedule your dental appointments for the best time in your child’s day and make sure that your dentist and dental staff know ahead of time how imperative it is that this appointment happens within the scheduled window. When you go to the dentist during the time of day your child with ADHD is most able to focus, it helps ensure that they will respond positively to their dentist.   

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