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Near death experiences


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Near death experiences

Recently I was watching a brilliant YouTube series called “I survived”. Amongst the tales of surviving natural disasters and other experiences, there were a few episodes on near death experiences. I have always found this subject fascinating.

Something that all the people involved reported was a sense of peace, happiness and love. A comforting thought. It is also amazing how the body can shut off the pain. I am unsure as to whether a near death experience is real or whether it is the brain’s way of protecting us during trauma. People experiencing near death experiences often report looking down on their bodies in a detached manner. I met a researcher of near death experiences last year who told me that they had put a message in many operating rooms (in the UK) at the top of a cupboard or somewhere near the ceiling. It would be very interesting if some one who reported a near death experience was able to confirm what was written on the note!

The jury’s still out but I remain open minded. I’d like to believe that there is life after death and that our lives here on earth are for some higher purpose. I am not particularly religious but I see myself as a spiritual person and tend to lean towards the idea that everyone has a soul that is separate from the physical form we take to interact in this world. Buddhism has a wonderful philosophy of being kind and giving and not being too hung up on material possessions. Money and possessions can easily take us off the track of a rewarding spiritual path.

Here is one of the YouTube videos for you:

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