Emotional Wellbeing


Mandy Kloppers

How To Stay Healthy During the Pandemic

Living through the COVID-19 pandemic can feel surreal. With empty streets, darkened restaurant windows, and fewer people milling about, the world can sometimes seem like the set of an apocalyptic movie. Behind closed doors and curtains, however, there’s still plenty of heart and hope for the future. There are also countless individuals who are doing their best to go about their daily lives while maintaining their normal work hours, continuing to share space with co-workers and friends, and striving to maintain emotional equilibrium. No matter where you fit into this equation, it’s important to know how to keep yourself physically and mentally healthy.

Wash and Wear Your Mask Properly

The benefits of mask-wearing have been hotly debated for quite some time. One thing that most can agree on, however, is that wearing a mask certainly can’t hurt. This is a good way to show your fellow citizens that you respect their health. When wearing a mask, make sure that it fully covers both your mouth and nose. If you wear disposable masks, change your mask often. Cloth masks that can be washed and re-worn should be cleaned regularly, even if this means washing them by hand. Moisture from your mouth dampens the interior of your mask as you breathe and speak. Over time, this moisture can make the surface of your mask more habitable to certain pathogens. Germs and viruses can live longer and proliferate more easily on a wet facial mask than they can on a hard, dry surface. While wearing a mask during the pandemic is the best way to protect those around you, wearing a clean mask is the best way to protect yourself.

Don’t Overlook the Immune-Boosting Benefits of Healthy Life Habits

Now is the best time to start doing the things that you’ve long been promising to do for yourself. Create a new workout plan or make a solid commitment to improving your sleep hygiene. Take up yoga, meditation, or any other activity that will help you better manage your stress. Start keeping a journal, drinking more water, eating more fruits and vegetables, and doing anything else that will make you feel good while better supporting your body’s natural germ-fighting abilities. This is also a great time to start considering the available options in immune-boosting supplements.

Set a Schedule for Disinfecting Common Areas

Whether you own a business, work from home, or live in an apartment building, disinfecting common areas is incredibly important. From reception desks and shared laundry rooms to communal doorknobs and doorbells, dangerous germs can be thriving just about anywhere. One of the biggest challenges of routine disinfecting plans has been the inability to find common disinfecting products at local stores. Everyone seems to have the same idea. Fortunately, you can simplify these efforts and ensure that you’ve always got the right resources by opting instead for equipment like a handheld electrostatic sprayer. For instance, with a cordless electrostatic sprayer, you can disinfect a large area in almost no time at all. Best of all, products like these don’t use hard-to-find liquids or sprays. Instead, they work their magic with commercial disinfecting tablets. Perfect for apartment buildings, businesses, and other high-traffic environments, products like these can also be handy for high-risk individuals who want to sanitize delivery areas, mailboxes, and other high-contact surfaces.

Stay Abreast of Recent Changes and Developments

A lot has changed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Medical professionals and scientists have learned quite a bit more about how this virus is transmitted, how long it can live on hard surfaces, and the necessary amount of space for effective social distancing. While constantly listening to the news during such a challenging time can be overwhelming, it’s still important to check-in. Find a few reputable news sources to follow and catch up with the latest COVID-related developments at least every two to three days. This way, if new health recommendations are made, you can be sure to follow them.

Moisturize and Pamper Your Hands

If there’s one thing that the pandemic has created a renewed appreciation for, it’s hand sanitizer. Squeezing copious amounts of these alcohol-based solutions onto the hands has been the preferred way to eliminate germs since the start of the pandemic. Unfortunately, however, overusing these products can actually cause more harm than good. Even hand sanitizers that contain moisturizing agents can be drying. As such, using too much can lead to cracked, irritated skin, and even open areas that may be more susceptible to infection. If you’ve got peeling skin at or around your nail cuticles, chaffed areas, or areas that are raw, red, and sore, stop using hand sanitizers for a while and revert to good old-fashioned hand washing. You can also pamper your hands at night by coating them in a thick, moisturizing cream. Staying properly hydrated will help as well by giving your body the fluid it needs to expedite skin repairs. When you do use hand sanitizer, make sure that it does have restorative ingredients like aloe or Vitamin E.

With the right information, the right life habits, and the right disinfecting tools, you can limit your likelihood of catching a potentially devastating illness. Paying attention to your body, staying abreast of updates, and implementing any necessary changes in your COVID-prevention plan can certainly help as well. With time and diligence, this incredibly challenging season is sure to pass.