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Mandy Kloppers

Your Many Different Sides…your strength within

personality (Photo credit: hang_in_there)
Our personalities are dynamic. By this I mean that they are constantly changing. The more open minded we are, the more willing we are to take on new ideas and incorporate these new concepts into the way we see the world.
No one is completely consistent in the way they behave. We all have idiosyncracies in the way we react to external stimuli and we all have different aspects to our personalities. For example, we might remain the same character on a basic level but do you find that you  tend to change your behaviour depending on who you are with?
Keep an open mind with this next bit:
We can all be strong, we can all be weak. We all have strength within us. There are many different resources within us – we just need to learn to access these resources when we need them.
A strategy that I have tried and that has worked for me is to call upon “strong Mandy” when I feel weak and ask for help. Almost like putting on another ‘hat’, I call upon that part of me that can be strong and forthright. This strategy of calling upon strength within will only help some people – it depends upon how easily you can file thoughts away and temporarily engage in another set of thoughts to get a task done. Almost like an actor who takes on a new role.
It doesn’t always work for me either but when it does, I tend to accomplish a lot. I only use this strategy though when I am going through a prolonged period of procrastinating or lack of self discipline.
I call upon ‘strong Mandy’ almost as if she is an employee of mine. She reveals herself at around 9am in the morning and leaves around 3pm. Then I go back to relaxing and being a bit slack. You can frame this however you want, do whatever works for you. Visualise that part of you that is strong, capable or that part of you that is sociable and engaging..whatever you need yourself to be.
Remember times when you have been incredibly go-getting or when you were the life and soul of the party. Those parts of you have never gone away – they are still there waiting to be called upon. This strength within is always there – it never disappears.
This technique takes a little practise but it is a quick effective way to slot yourself into the right frame of mind in order to get on with what needs to be done. This strategy is less likely to work if you are clinically depressed or suffer from a diagnosed mental health disorder.
Give it a go and send me your comments and stories!
Mandy X