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Mandy Kloppers

Your individual rights


your individual rights

Your individual rights

We all have individual rights but there are times when we find it hard to be assertive and stand up for ourselves. The bill of assertive rights below is a reminder of what we are all entitled to and what she should all expect for ourselves…  Mandy X


It is reasonable and proper for me….

To be treated with respect


To hold my own views and have them heard


To have my own feelings and have them taken seriously


To arrange my own priorities


To make mistakes


To change my mind


To choose not to answer questions that are personal or intrusive


To choose when and if to assert myself


To define and protect the physical space I need


To refuse without feeling guilty


To get what I pay for


To ask for what I want


To be given information (by doctors, lawyers, accountants etc) without

being patronized


Any right I claim as my own, I extend to others

Eg> I have the right to have my needs met and so do you.

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