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Mandy Kloppers

You Get What You Expect/What You Think You Deserve


Okay, so this may sound very simplistic but I can ASSURE you that the very practice of expecting more will invite more into your life.
If you eliminate possibilities due to limited thinking (I could never do that, I am not clever enough etc) then those opportunities will never be a reality. I love the saying “you can’t score a goal if you aren’t on the pitch” and the same goes for expectations in life.
If you write things off because you don’t know enough, aren’t rich enough, good looking enough etc. you are making your world ‘smaller’.
Examine your thinking – Why can’t you have something, be something, attain something? Who said??
You set the level. Be the best you can be, believe in yourself and put your best foot forward.
It is those in life who do not limit themselves, believe in themselves and don’t allow others to define them that get ahead.
Be passionate, follow your own path and above EXPECT MORE!

Mandy X