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Mandy Kloppers

You Get Back What You Put In

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Smile with face, smile with mind, and good energy will come to you and clean away dirty energy (Photo credit: symphony of love)



It’s time to consider what you are putting out there – your contribution. If things are going well – you must be doing something right. Pat yourself on the back and enjoy the results of your efforts. The Universe works along energy lines – what you put out creates an effect as energy is moved about. Be aware of what type of energy you are putting out – kindness, tolerance, patience, generosity and understanding are all examples of positive energy. Negative energy includes cynicism, negativity, anger, hatred, intolerance and bigotry.

If you are putting out positive energy and don’t feel you are getting the results you expected, it might mean that some part of you does not really believe that you can get what you want or that you deserve it. It can also mean that your efforts are not those which are necessary or useful given the circumstances.

What could you do differently? Are you putting yourself out there or are you hiding where it feels safe?

Energy put into diversions and distractions (a form of self sabotage) will not bring you inner peace – it will simply bring you diversions and distractions.

Check where your energy is going. If you are passive and inactive now, be aware that you are using your energy to create this reality for yourself. Your reward is more of the same. If you want something to change, put in what you want to get back. Sometimes, all that is needed is persistence and self belief. When we stick to something we really believe in, we tend to see a result that is worthy of our continued efforts. If you want it badly enough, be determined to to keep at it until you get the result you want. Tweak your plans as you go, be flexible about how you get there.

Remember – thoughts dominate and create your reality, so this is where the greatest power to get back what you put in lies. We live in a physical world – so thoughts need to be backed up by action.

Mandy X

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