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You can’t always be right

Being right
Being right

Are you someone that hates being wrong? Even when you realise that you are in the wrong, do you find it very difficult to admit it and apologise?

It is often people who have rigid beliefs about the world that find it the most difficult to admit to being wrong. We all have an innate tendency to want to corroborate the way we perceive the world and having to face the reality of being incorrect can threaten our sense of stability and confidence.

It is very healthy to adopt a flexible attitude to life. Life is not black and white. It is impossible to fit the complex nature of life experiences into two distinct categories.Life is inherently insecure and uncertain so it pays to develop an acceptance of the changing nature of the world around us. Developing a high tolerance level for frustration is a sure fire way to reduce your stress and anxiety.

Being open to the ideas of others means that you learn faster and stop making the same mistakes. Wise people are open minded and always know they can learn from others. Examine the way you deal with others, personally and professionally. If you find it hard to take on alternative viewpoints and try new ways of doing things, ask yourself why. What are you resisting? Being wrong isn’t weak but never admitting to being wrong and continually banging your head against the same wall is just plain stupid.

Mandy X

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