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You are the captain


You are the Captain

As I sail the seas of life, I can’t always see with my eyes where I am are going. So I use my feelings and my mind. I imagine the best possible destination and I envision it vividly. The image surges through my brain and courses through my veins – it is my lifeblood.
I doubt whether I will make it to that place. Voices try to persuade me to turn back. They say, “you can’t do it, this water’s too violent.” “You’ll never make it, the wind is blowing in the wrong direction.”
I trust the voices that say, “I can do it. I am strong. I have what it takes.” These voices speak words of love. They tell me what is true. “I am so strong, in fact, that I can go literally anywhere.”
I deserve to be in the best possible place. We all deserve it.
What does your best life look like? Use your internal compass – your feelings, hopes, and dreams – to guide you. Create a clear mental picture that inspires and excites you. Then think and act in alignment with that picture.
You are the captain of your soul.
By Ethan Small, friendlywarrior.com
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