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Mandy Kloppers

Write your way to happiness


Very different processes take place when we speak and when we write. Talking can be unstructured and chaotic whereas writing allows us to organise our thoughts before putting them down on paper. This can help towards finding a solution for chaotic thinking. When presented with a constant stimuli, such as a sound or smell, we get used to it. Eventually, it vanishes from our awareness and we often have to remove ourselves from the situation in order to experience these stimuli anew. This same concept applies to other areas in life.

As the old cliche goes – you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. We become used to our lifestyle, our spouse, the things we have. When we get into the habit of writing down the things we are grateful for it tends to keep these things in our awareness and we end up happier in the long run. That’s why I often suggest to clients that they keep a gratitude journal to remind them of all the good in their lives.

Another effective way to wrote and be happy is to write about your best possible future. The more we focus and visualise positive outcomes, the higher our happiness levels tend to be. Focusing on positive experiences and thoughts definitely increases overall optimism and research carried out by Laura King showed that thinking of a wonderful future significantly raised happiness levels.

Looking at the past at what has worked really well for you, writing a list of all that you love about your spouse or making a list of your achievements and why you are proud of yourself can all support a happier mind and attitude.

We use neural pathways every time we think and the more often we think something, the larger the neural pathway grows. Think of it as wearing a path through a field of high grass. Eventually you will have a clear footpath and it will be much easier to make your way through – the brain works the same way. So get working on creating those positive neural ‘footpaths’ – they will lead to optimism and improved happiness levels.

Mandy X