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Workplace bullying



Workplace bullying

Workplace bullying is on the rise yet is poorly understood. Managers often move people around to reduce bullying rather than try to understand the causes and dynamics behind bullying. Poor management is clearly one of the reasons that workplace bullying exists.

I have found many clients who feel bullied find it difficult to address the problem within their workplace. Instead they have sought my help – an objective outsider to help them learn coping strategies to deal with their unfavourable work environment. It is pretty shocking to learn that managers who are put into positions of power often abuse their position and seem to have very little in the way of empathy or guilt over their lack or inaction.

Unfortunately, as long as bulling is tolerated or dealt with in a passive way, it will continue. The bullying stories that I have been told have generally been from the ‘top-down’. A boss or superior throwing their weight around with their subordinates. Staff have been encouraged to lie to protect the company, staff have been threatened with losing their jobs if they failed to comply and there is subtle verbal and emotional abuse on a large scale.

The top industries where bullying stories have emerged from:


The Banking sector

Government agencies – eg. Borough Councils

Speak up against bullying. Do whatever you can to highlight the problem to ensure that those at the top get the message that bullying won’t be tolerated. The main bulk of staff ultimately have a lot of power of they stick together and talk about what is happening to them.

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