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Mandy Kloppers

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I just love it when women champion each other. Where there is a spirit of true happiness for the good fortune of other girls. There really is enough to go around, just because someone you know is doing well and seems to have a good life does not mean that it is less likely to happen to you. Use other women’s success to inspire you – what they do can be possible for you too.

Of course, no one likes a braggard, someone who constantly requires attention and admiration. What I am referring to is different. There is wholesome and healthy pleasure associated with some women in my life. I noticed it tonight when I went on my Facebook account briefly. There are some female friends on there that I adore. If they put up happy pictures and their lives seem wonderful, there isn’t a hint of jealousy in my reaction. Instead, I feel happiness and peace. I wish we could all be more this way. As I get older I find that I have less time available for fake people and for those who pay lip service without any substance.

The majority of women in my life deserve respect – they are inventive, resourceful, kind but also resilient. I salute my female friends who have suffered hardship and hurt, who can make fun of themselves and who genuinely share in the good times with others. I tend to steer clear from bitter and twisted people as toxic energy can be as bad as swallowing a dose of arsenic.

I have been fortunate enough to meet some amazing women – those who have survived abusive relationships, difficult pregnancies, health issues, single parenthood, living on a low income…these women have endured hardships and many have triumphed, keeping their sense of humour intact.

Thank you to all those wonderful women that I know -whether it is through face to face contact, through my blog, Facebook, online etc. Thank you for inspiring me. Women are amazing creatures…thank you to all you wonderful women who add so much to my life!!

Mandy X