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Women – Support Each Other

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Women – Support Each Other

I’m not entirely sure why but I began to mistrust women from the age of about seventeen. I had many girl friends at school and never had any issues up until then. Perhaps growing up and becoming a teenager, starting to like boys and experiencing a few negative two-faced females put me on the path of mistrust.

All I can say is that I am so glad that I managed to put my negative attitude towards other women aside. In my late twenties I began to meet amazing women and since then I have come across women that continually astound me. Their strength of character, their forgiving nature and their eternal optimism. I am amazed at how much women manage to juggle in their lives – coping with the intense pressure to look good all the time – promoted by airbrushed images in the media. Raising children, managing a home, making money and enjoying a career. Women are fantastic multi-taskers.

There is still inequality in the world and women are still the underdogs when it comes to high profile careers. This is changing thankfully and I am all for empowering other women to achieve their full potential. I have a few wonderful girlfriends in my life. The one thing they all share is that they are down-to-earth people without hidden agendas.

Gossiping and wishing the worst on others immediately smacks of inner misery to me. Those women who harbour bitchy attitudes and say one thing whilst doing another are more often than not, unhappy with their lives and project their inner misery. At least we get to walk away from their inner toxic chaos.

Champion those around you, there is enough success to go around. The more you help others, the more good things come back to you.

Mandy X

Photo by Celestine Chua