Mandy Kloppers

Why you shouldn’t date a married man

Dating a married man

He is getting all his needs met

Why would he leave his wife when he has her to clean up after him, help with the kids, do his washing and he has you for all the fun sexual stuff that his wife has become bored with offering? Don’t fool yourself into thinking that he loves you. If he loved you he wouldn’t stay with his wife. The more you give him the less likely he will be to leave his wife. Such an oh-so comfy position for him.

He probably wont leave his wife

Most married men (apparently 97% according to some research) will never leave their wives. There’s too much at stake financially and there’s also the huge change to his pretty stable life.

You’ll be second best

Can you live with always being the one who gets considered after his wife? He  may tell you he no longer loves her but he may also be quite happy to play the family man. You are second best while he is married – accept it.

Not good for your self confidence

How does it feel to be second best? Well, it’s bound to affect your self esteem and you deserve a man who can be all yours and give you ALONE his attention and love. The more you love and accept yourself, the less likely you will be to ever get involved with a married man – it’s a dead end. Of course, love can’t always choose – we sometimes fall for people we shouldn’t. But try to be practical about this – don’t invest more time than you need to. If he is going to leave his wife, it will most likely happen in the first 6 months of meeting you. If he hasn’t made any clear changes by then, he probably never will leave his wife.

You’re wasting time

Don’t be taken in by his declaration of love for you and his woeful tales about the state of his marriage. Actions speak louder than words.Go out and look for someone who you can build a future with.

Even if you both feel in love, you will be alone

He will go back to his family each day and you will be left alone with your longings and insecurities – not a recipe for happiness!

He can’t be there when you really need him

Break down on the highway? Forget calling your ‘amour’ for help! You might as well be single because he will be playing happy families while you are in dire need.

Wake up and smell the roses. He may be the love of your life but don’t entertain any relationship until he is single – end of!!

Mandy X