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Why You Should Still See a Counselor During Quarantine

The stress and fatigue caused by being in quarantine has taken a serious toll on the mental and emotional health of many. If you are one of the millions of Americans who care for their emotional health by getting counseling, you may wonder if you should continue to get counseling during the quarantine. 

The Effect the Pandemic Is Having on Society’s Mental Health 

You do not need to be reminded about the effects the coronavirus is having on people’s physical health. In fact, it is impossible to turn on the news without being bombarded with reminders of the millions of people around the world who have gotten sick and the tens of thousands who have died from coronavirus. 

The economic impact of coronavirus is not in doubt. Millions of people have lost their job or are working from home. People who have had stable careers are watching as everything they worked for is disappearing. Some have been forced to rely on workers’ compensation to get the money they need to live. 

The fear of getting sick coupled with the anxiety of losing employment is taking a toll on the mental health of millions. Putting on a mask and going to a grocery store surrounded by other masked individuals creates stress. Many people are struggling with mental health issues for the first time in their life because of this pandemic. 

Whether people recognize it or not, everyone is experiencing trauma. Trauma might seem exaggerated, but it’s accurate because of the unpredictability and loss of control most people are experiencing. There is no defined time for when social distancing restrictions will end. There’s no guarantee that life will return to normal. This creates anxiety that builds up in people without them even knowing it. 

Who Can Benefit from Therapy during Quarantine? 

There is a reason an increased number of people are seeking counseling during quarantine. They realize that a person can benefit from therapy even if they feel like they are managing the increased anxiety caused by the pandemic. 

What many people have come to realize is that counseling is not solely for individuals who have psychiatric disorders or mental health problems. It can help people improve their wellness and the way they function in life. Understanding this idea has helped more people benefit from therapy and counseling because they realize that they don’t have to wait until they reach a breaking point mentally or emotionally before they see a therapist. Therapy can help a person deal with the day-to-day changes associated with quarantine before their situation becomes unbearable. 

If you have never gone to counseling before, it is a good idea to find a reputable counselor in your area. For example, if you live in Georgia you would want to find someone is does counseling in Alpharetta, Georgia.  

Feeling irritable, overwhelmed, sad, or anxious for an extended time is not good for your mind or body. Unfortunately, some people feel that being strong means being able to face traumatic situations like the COVID-19 pandemic, the risk of getting seriously ill, the fear of losing loved ones, the fear of losing employment, and stress without getting help. However, if you have been going through stress for several days, you may find relief by talking to a therapist who can help you walk through these issues. 

Therapy Can Help You Get over Mental Hurdles 

There are several people who feel that they can accomplish more in life, but there is some invisible barrier that is preventing them from becoming the person they can be. They feel stuck. 

 You may feel that you have no control over your anxiety, overeating, or sleep patterns. Therapy might help you optimize stress management and address issues that are affecting your physical health and your mental health. 

 Therapists are trained to help people develop care plans based on what’s important to them and in harmony with their values. Many mental health professionals are taking advantage of videoconferencing to provide online treatment. 

 For therapy via videoconference to be effective, it’s recommended that you find a private space in your home and private time for therapy. Some parents have found it beneficial to schedule their therapy sessions after the children have gone to sleep.  

The impact coronavirus is having on society’s mental health is unquestionable. For many, therapy may be the tool to help them get control over their life again. 



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