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Mandy Kloppers

Why you need to increase your self belief

Self belief is the edge that you need to get ahead. In a world where many people have degrees and academic qualifications, it’s self belief that will take you that bit further.

Self belief means that you are willing to take risks and champion yourself. It’s hard to nurture self belief in a world where people are jostling for attention and recognition on a daily basis. Self belief can easily be diminished if we entertain thoughts about others being more competent or knowledgeable than we are.

Why you need to increase your self belief

You’ll never stand out unless you have self belief.

Self belief is the secret ingredient to move you closer to what you want in life.

Self belief separates you from everyone else, most people lack self belief.

Self belief helps you overcome the negative inner chatter that blocks your success.

When you believe in yourself you are less likely to accept bad behaviour from other people (especially in interpersonal relationships).

The more self belief you have the more likely you are to try new things and take calculated risks.

How to increase your self belief

Stop comparing yourself to others

Stop assuming that others are more competent or that they know more than you

Remind yourself regularly of your good qualities and accomplishments

Treat yourself with compassion and respect. Don’t criticise yourself or demean yourself.

Keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Face your fears regularly.

There are many other therapists out there. I beleieved that when I had studied enough and had completed a post graduate quaification that I would feel good enough. I thought that becoming officially accredited with a recognised mental health organisation would lead to unconditional self confidence. This hasn’t been the case. What has made a difference is my self belief. When I focus on how  I interact with clients and their feedback. When I look at my accomplishments and give myself pep talks, that’s what makes the difference.

It’s not necessarily work experience or your qualifications that give you the edge, it’s how much you believe in yourself.

Mandy X


Photo by Christopher Harris on Unsplash