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Mandy Kloppers

Why You Might Be Hating On Exercise

Exercise is of course one of the most important things we can do to ensure our continual and optimized health. It is essential to try and keep our weight down, to keep our cardiovascular adaptation well and in-shape, and to generally help us feel better in our bodies from day to day. Exercise can reduce the chance of disease, help you get out in nature more, help you make friends, and generally, for the small amount of time it can take each day, gives much more than you put in.

However, some of us find this to be an absolute chore. We might not even understand why, because when we get ourselves in a good pattern, it’s alright. The starting fear before a run is always worse than the amazing feeling when we have completed one. So why do we always find ourselves with such an aversion to it?

We think we might know why. With the following advice, there’s a chance you’ll look at exercise in an entirely new light:

Is Your Attire Comfortable?

If you’re working out in jeans, you’re going to hate exercise. But no one does this. That would be outlandish. But exercise discomfort can sometimes be because you’re wearing attire that is less flexible and comfortable than it should be, or you’re ignoring your particular needs. For example, extra wide shoes might be needed for you to run with the best form possible. Sore feet can make you hate almost any activity you need to partake in. Sometimes wearing skin-tight gymshark equipment can feel comfortable, but if you have to stick your stomach in to wear it, you’re going to feel a little overexposed and less secure when working out. Exercise shouldn’t be a time where you look good. You shouldn’t go to the gym hoping to impress. You should aim for safety and utility first, with comfort falling in a close second.


Are you running the same routes every day? Were you using the same treadmill time and time again? Have you been weightlifting the same weights with the same routine again and again? If this is all true, there’s no doubt that you’ll be sick of the same old planning. Drop some variety in there. Experiment with plans, experiment with the details of your physical efforts. It all counts, and it can all help you feel like your best self.

Give Yourself Time

You might not be giving yourself enough time to actually enjoy the process of exercise. There is every chance you’re preventing yourself from adapting to a workout regimen. We all know running sucks in the first few weeks. But if you last a month, maybe two months, you might actually start to look forward to your sessions. They become a disciplined part of your schedule. You’ll look forward to the energy you get afterwards, and might even consider bringing that back to your morning routine.

With these tips, you’re suer to look at exercise differently.

Mandy X


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