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Why Working Out with a Partner Can Make it More Fun

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Working out just got a lot more fun. If you’re looking for ways to show up with a partner, you’ve come to the right place. There’s nothing like having someone else motivate and inspire you when it comes to exercise. This article explains why working out with a partner is such a fantastic idea and how anyone can do it.

You’ll Have Fresh Ideas

Many people find that when they work out with a partner, they are more likely to try new things. This is because their workout buddy will not hesitate to suggest new exercises or challenge them to do something they normally wouldn’t.


For example, if you’ve been stuck in a rut running on the treadmill for too long and your partner suggests you go into the weight room for some bench presses and biceps curls, it’s going to feel like an exciting change of pace. It’s okay, you can always get back on track tomorrow with some cardio again.

Easy Regular Routine

If you’re one of those people who would rather work out alone than in a gym, or if you have trouble getting yourself to exercise regularly, having a partner can help. Having someone to go with you makes building up the habit of exercising easier by making it into a regular routine.


Your partner can help motivate you and keep track of your progress. They will be there when things get tough and push through when they don’t feel like doing it anymore. You’ll also be able to share ideas for new workouts and healthy recipes that will make life more fun while helping both of you stay on track.

You’ll Stay Motivated

Having someone hold you accountable is an extremely effective way of keeping yourself motivated toward your goal. When you work out with a partner, you’ll be more likely to show up and stick with it. Plus, if you’re going to the gym together or working out at home, you will likely have similar schedules that make exercise much easier than if one person were trying to work out on their own. This can also help cut down on excuses for not going.


Working out with a partner can make it easier for both people involved in order to create and maintain a regular routine because they’re both following similar timelines. You’ll know when each other needs time off from working out or recovering from injuries. This makes planning ahead much easier and allows both partners flexibility in their schedules without feeling like they need permission from each other before making changes themselves.

You’ll Enjoy Friendly Competition

The benefits of working out with a partner go beyond the obvious. You’ll be more likely to stick with your workout routine and get in shape because you’ll have someone who knows what it’s like to make changes.


You can try online kettlebell workouts, these are great ways to compete against yourself, not your partner. This means that neither person has any reason to slack off. You’re both trying to beat each other’s best times or distances. It also helps keep things interesting if one of you is more into fitness than the other. After all, even if they’re not trying as hard as they should be, at least you won’t notice because there’s no competition between the two of you. Plus, once that person gets better at running/lifting weights/etc., then they will challenge himself more.

You’ll Easily Track Your Progress

Another benefit of working out with a partner is that you will easily track your progress. This is because when one of you gains muscle and strength, the other will also notice. You’ll be able to compare how much weight has been lifted or how far someone can run without stopping.


This way, it’s easy to see how far you’ve come and know what kind of results you’re getting from exercising regularly, even if they seem small at first.


This article has given you some helpful tips about why working out with a partner can make it more fun. The most important thing is just finding the right person or people to work out with. It’s best to choose someone who shares your interests but also has different strengths than yourself so that they can push you in new directions.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Hannah Boothe
Author: Hannah Boothe

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