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Why women fake orgasms


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Why women fake orgasms

Men don’t want to believe that a woman has ever faked an orgasm with him but the truth is that most women, if not all, have faked an orgasm at some time in their lives.

Women tend to be people pleasers and like to stroke a man’s ego. It’s easier, to fake an orgasm as many women enjoy the physical touching and don’t necessarily need to have an orgasm to enjoy physical intimacy with a man. I have based most of this blog post on anecdotal evidence but I have never come across a female – a friend or a client who has told me that they have never faked an orgasm. Of course, I haven’t asked every friend that I have whether they have ever faked it but the ones who have admitted it to me have said that there have been times when it was just easier to fake it.

Amazingly, it is pretty easy to fake it despite men claiming they can tell the difference. Unfortunately, if you fake it in the beginning, it sets a precedent and it becomes virtually impossible to break that cycle of deceit.

My advice is to be true to yourself and not fake it. So many women fake it that men come to expect it when the reality is that many women need time and a feeling of closeness and trust to get to the point where they can orgasm. Men I have spoken to have all agreed that they would rather a women never had an orgasm than be with someone who regularly faked it.

So be open and honest and enjoy the process of discovery! Reject the pressure and enjoy the ride… to speak..

Mandy X

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