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Mandy Kloppers

“Why So Serious”? Seeing The Funny Side Of Serious Things

It’s important that we see the funny side of life, and when you are coping with a breakup, it can be a very difficult time in your life. If it’s a long relationship, and there are casualties apart from you and your partner, it can be a long, drawn-out process that hurts the very core of you. But it’s important that, as far as relationships are concerned, to see the funny side of things. This isn’t, of course just exclusive to relationships, we need to see the funny side in life in general. It seems that now, we lack in humour, so why is it so important for us to retain this?

It Helps Achieve Perspective

In a relationship, we can get caught up in the bubble, that when it bursts, we find ourselves incapable of dealing with anything outside of it. In so many ways, we’ve dedicated ourselves to this other person, but if we are on the receiving end of it, we are rendered incapable of doing anything. But, that little shred of humour, can help us to look at ourselves, this past version of us, and actually laugh at “them”. We don’t always like the skill of laughing at ourselves, because we think this is us putting our emotions on show. Of course, poking fun at someone, or if we have been the butt of someone’s jokes can turn us into sensitive creatures, but when we look at ourselves, and we realise just how silly we were, it can give us a renewed sense of perspective. This perspective we can then use to start again.

Do We Have To Take Everything So Seriously?

Some of us have a serious view of relationships, but others take it in their stride. But if you look at Yehuda’s hilarious relationship comics or even something out of The New York Times on occasion, we can realise that relationships don’t have to be this serious, Romeo and Juliet type setup. For those people who look at their relationship to be their sole reason for existing, and then find that the carpet is ripped out from underneath them, it’s hardly a surprise that they struggle to function afterwards. But, this is something we can look at from the outside, when we see someone so torn up about something that we have to help those people through. But even those people who share all over social media that they’ve broken up with someone, and that their heart is ripped out, never to be returned again, we know that those people will get over it eventually. And it can help us to re-evaluate our own relationships with our significant others. Maybe we put too much pressure on them, or we just don’t laugh enough. Sure, it can seem pretty painful to watch, seeing someone so cartoonishly torn up because of someone that they broke up with after a week. But maybe we need to help those people out

It’s Just A Bump In The Road

It can be difficult to see the funny side of a breakup, because it’s a very serious thing. But the funny side of life is what helps us to progress. Laughter is a great healer, and if we are so deathly serious about everything, are we ever going to be happy? It’s important that we learn the skill of humour, even during the worst moments. Gallows humour is one of those things that can seem very strange from the outside, but it’s a wonderful coping mechanism. And if you are someone who goes through life with a very serious approach to things, taking the opportunity to step back, and look at something with a different perspective, or trying to see the funny side, can help us to relax and appreciate something else. Do we need to take life so seriously? No. But when we go through setback after setback, it can easily threaten to overwhelm us. And those people that go through heartache after heartache, whether in relationships or life in general, after a while, they stop treating it as something so grave. Sure, it can have long-reaching psychological impacts, but we’ve got to learn from the difficulties of life, not to take everything so seriously. If we took everything seriously, it doesn’t help us at all.

There can be many reasons we fail to see the funny side of things, but if you’re someone that struggles to have a sense of humour about anything, take the opportunity to find some way to laugh. After all, laughter, emotionally speaking, is as beneficial as crying. They are two sides to the same coin.

Mandy X


Photo by David Calderón on Unsplash