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Why self improvement is essential


self improvement

Why self improvement is essential

I feel really good when I have done something that improves how  I see myself. Whether that is something I have actively engaged in like doing exercise or whether it is learning from a past behaviour. Self improvement takes many forms and here is why I believe self improvement is essential for our mental and emotional well being:

Improves self esteem and confidence

When we look back and see how we have conquered a fear or improved a skill, it can feel very satisfying and give our confidence a boost. Self improvement doesn’t have to consist of a massive leap, it can also be tiny increments in the right direction.

Adds a sense of purpose

Inbetween unloading and restacking the dishwasher and visiting the grocery store for the umpteenth time, life can seem unfulfilling when it is filled with day to day repetitive chores. It is at these times that I console myself with the goals I have in place that over-arch the menial daily tasks. Currently I am completing a University course and that helps me to feel I am making progress even if it is slow and not immediately redeemable. Goals are good and promote self improvement and keep you sane when life seems stagnant.

Raises endorphins

The thrill of accomplishment releases feel-good hormones known as endorphins. Self improvement is one way to achieve a natural high – whether it’s through positive affirmations or through an exercise programme. Happiness comes from progress, no matter how small.

Promotes contentment

As long as you don’t become fanatical about self improvement and then beat yourself up when you don’t meet certain expected achievements, self improvement can lead to a feeling of contentment. A sense that your life isn’t being wasted and that you are using your time doing something that is personally important to you. Inactivity and stagnation is more likely to lead to depression.

Keeps us engaged in life

The urge to improve oneself, no matter what it is, leads us to feeling alive and connected with the world around us. Withdrawal and disconnection can often lead to passivity and self neglect.

What do you want to improve in yourself? Learn a new language, give up a bad habit or re-assess a life choice…whatever it is, write it down and find ways to try make it a reality. It really is one of the best ways to feel pleased with yourself.

Mandy X

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