Emotional Wellbeing

Mandy Kloppers

Why Retail Therapy Works

Do you know that going shopping to make you feel better is actually a real thing? That’s why it’s called ‘retail therapy’; it is actually therapy and can make you feel better. There’s more to it than just treating yourself too as according to a study in the Journal of Psychology and Marketing, shopping can improve a sour mood and not only that but while people who are upset tend to be more impulsive, which could mean they spend more money during a retail therapy experience, it turns out that it doesn’t lead to buyers’ remorse and people didn’t regret spending their money on “self-treats.” 


Not only does shopping make people happier immediately, but it can also fight lingering sadness or stress according to another study from the Journal of Consumer Psychology. It is a logical coping mechanism. 


So don’t feel guilty about it, hit the shops or check out the Monsoon sale online because it will make you feel better. Even if you’ve not got the funds to shop just yet, there are some ways around that too. 


It’s Escapism

The benefits of “retail therapy,” include escapism, entertainment, and rejuvenation. Do you ever go just browsing around the shops and think about all the things you want to buy and where you would wear them and how you would look? It’s escapism, it’s fun, and it can really cheer you up, even if you can’t afford it. It can give you the motivation to save up though or stop frittering money away on coffees. Online shopping also has its benefits and is sometimes seen as a mini-mental vacation. It is a relatively mindless, relaxing activity, even if you don’t buy anything, popping things into a wish list is fun. 


It Boosts Your Confidence

When you look good, you feel good. And feeling good can help boost your confidence. 

Getting a new outfit for a special occasion can really make you feel your best. 


It Can Bring A Sense of Pride

As a shopper, you can feel proud of the purchases you have made. Whether it was because you got something with a huge discount or because you managed to put the perfect little outfit together. The shoes work perfectly with the bag and the dress. Whatever it is, feeling a sense of pride in the things you bought helps increase your overall mood. 


It will relax you and help ease stress

It’s an activity, it’s fun and can be a distraction from life. Trying clothes on and looking around can be really relaxing – ok maybe not just before Christmas or on a Saturday, but when you need retail therapy, choose your timing wisely and really go and enjoy the day, relax, take it easy and have a look around. 


It’s Sociable 

Whether you are shopping alone or with a friend, it is still a social experience as you have a social connection from the other shoppers and the sales assistants when you’re shopping. Social connections are a basic human need and shopping gives that to you…as well as lovely new things. 

Featured image: Image by gonghuimin468 from Pixabay