Mandy Kloppers

Why Men Struggle to Love: Overcoming Relational Blind Spots

Eddie Capparucci, Ph.D., LPC, CSAS  just released his latest book “Why Men Struggle to Love: Overcoming Relational Blind Spots. It deals with idea that Being Sober Is Not Enough. Many marriages are in trouble because of pornography.

He is a counselor certified in the treatment of porn addiction, who has been working with men over the past 10 years to help them break free of the stronghold porn has on their lives. He also believes that BEING SOBER IS NOT ENOUGH to help the women they betrayed free safe. That is why he wrote his latest book “Why Men Struggle to Love: Overcoming Relational Blind Spots.

Many men have a low emotional IQ that impacts their ability to connect with others and enjoy life to the fullest.  This is especially true for those who struggle with addictive behaviors; however, not limited to that audience.  A low emotional IQ prevents men from bonding with others, recognizing their true emotions, expressing their feelings, and healthily dealing with others’ emotions.

This book is for men who:

– struggle to connect– find it difficult to feel– find life to be boring– deal with depressed moods and anxiety– turn to addictive behaviors to feel somethingThe book is also for women who are frustrated with their relationships or have been betrayed.  They cannot understand why their mates struggle to engage in conversation, know little about emotional intimacy, do not like to socialize, and show affection only when sex is involved.

It provides critical insights to help them better understand WHY their man struggles to:– emotionally engage– be empathic– engage with others instead of isolating– be curious about others– control anger and/or mood swings– make or keep friends– manage impulsive behavior– have interests– to be content– to be emotionally intimateWhy Men Struggle to Love” outlines the 14 Relational Blind Spots that prevent men from emotionally bonding.  These Blind Spots result from limited nurturing during critical stages in a man’s childhood development.  This book also explains how missed opportunities to learn to attune to others, be vulnerable, provide empathy, and regulate moods, result in men who struggle to love.Finally, the book is valuable for all couples, in which the man struggles to love. Hopefully, you may be interested in learning more about the book and the issue of low emotional IQ.

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