Emotional Wellbeing



Mandy Kloppers

Why love is important

Feeling connected to others is one of life’s most fulfilling experiences, research has shown this repeatedly, yet in the manufactured world we live in, love seems to take a back seat to status, power and money.

I used to work in an old age home and when we get down to basics, the important things that remain are friends and family. I never saw a degree up on the wall or a photo of a house or car. It was all about the people.

A lack of social support and human connection can have long-lasting negative effects such as , depression, lowered immune function, and higher blood pressure.

Sustaining good connections protects our health and happiness far more than many of us realise. Love gives us the strength to cope with the tough times.

A survey by the National Bureau of Economic Research, as Roshan D Bhondekar shared in Love – The Key to Optimism: Path Toward Happiness, found that 5,000 agreed that doubling your group of friends has the same positive effect on your well-being as a 50% increase in income!

Love makes more of an impact than money does and far outweighs the material things we chase in terms of long term fulfillment. Hugs release a chemical oxytocin that releases a feel good factor.

It makes sense to spend time with people you love and to nurture friendships – this truly is where contentment lies.

Mandy X