Mandy Kloppers

Why I hate money




Why I hate money

I’ve just watched a TV programme about people who were homeless over Christmas. There were stories of people who had no where to go and were sleeping rough, getting moved on by the police after complaints for the public. Talk about being kicked when you’re down.

Maybe I just care too much and haven’t learned to desensitise but I hate the way there are some people who have to much and those who have absolutely nothing. There seems to be a huge inequality with some people having access to ridiculous amounts of money and those who struggle to find food. Something is completely wrong with that picture.

Everything seems to be about money – an obsession with having loads of the stuff in order ot be able to show others you are successful and worthy. What a load of nonsense. Even Christmas has become commercialised – the meaning has been lost underneath the stores grand marketing campaigns to get us to part with our money. This world has gone mad.

People have become money crazed and change who they are in pursuit of cash. Money is becoming more important than people. That’s why I hate money.

Can’t pay for an expensive life saving drug? Well – it’ll be a shorter life for you then.