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Why Hemp CBDs Are Popular in Alternative Medicine

Although natural remedies and alternative medicine have been growing in popularity over the past several decades, nothing has inspired more hope than cannabinoids which have literally exploded onto the market. Unfortunately, that fame brings along a lot of misinformation and misconceptions as to the risks and benefits you are likely to hear so much about. However, even through the fog of controversy, nothing is stopping the rapid rise of hemp CBDs in alternative medicine, and for very good reasons indeed!

CBDs Are NOT Mind Altering Substances

Let’s get this clear from the very start. There are still those around who simply refuse to sample the many health benefits of CBDs because they are so often associated with marijuana. Yes, marijuana does contain varying proportions of CBDs (cannabidiols) but that is not the psychoactive component of marijuana. That would be THC – a name too long to worry about so let’s just leave it as an abbreviation. Just know that there is a very real difference between THC and CBD and that the body is equipped with cannabinoid receptors that help to metabolize the beneficial components of cannabidiol. THC gets you high. CBD gets you healthy. It’s as simple as that. 

CBDs Treat a Multitude of Symptoms

Although it has yet to be definitively established that CBDs can cure cancer, there is a growing body of evidence that some tumors actually do respond to cannabidiol. Some shrink and others have literally disappeared. Because of this, medical science is much more active in the pursuit of scientific evidence in terms of treating certain malignancies. At the very least, CBDs work as amazing anti-inflammatories so there is at least hope that they can shrink tumors effectively. 

Because cannabidiol can offer relief from pain, nausea, insomnia and anxiety, many new alternative health product manufacturers are buying in bulk CBD isolate to add to their natural formulations. This is, perhaps, one of the biggest reasons why CBDs are becoming so popular in alternative medicine and that is because the well-recognized brands are beginning to research and release natural remedies with the main active ingredient being cannabidiol. Consumers tend to listen to brands they trust. 


Nothing Synthetic About Cannabidiol!

Finally, CBDs are so popular because there is nothing synthetic about them! They are plant based and the extraction process for pure CBD isolate relies on methods which don’t use harmful chemicals. So many of today’s pharmaceuticals, OTC as well as prescription drugs, are synthetically manufactured in a laboratory and the full consequences of those chemicals are yet to be known. Over time you will notice drug after drug being pulled from shelves by the FDA as the result of harmful effects not made public when they were released for sale. Just do a quick search for all the products which have been pulled from the market in just the past few years alone and you will begin to understand why CBDs are quickly becoming popular among everyday consumers.  

While you may not be in the market to buy bulk CBD isolate products, you can now understand why they are as popular as they are in the alternative medicine arena. As a natural relief for so much of what ails you, there isn’t a better natural remedy on earth. 

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