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Why Health Insurance is Important For Sex Workers

Health insurance is important to everyone, but it’s even more important to a sex worker. It’s these sex workers that are constantly facing dangers that most people avoid. Whether you’re on the front lines as a sex provider or someone who sexts and cams for a living on a site like, you just have to have health insurance in your corner. You’re likely getting it from your employer, so you don’t have to get it on your own. It’s always in your best interests and you never know when you’re going to need it. Here are some of the things that you should be looking for in your insurance if you have to find it on your own.


Find An Independent Insurance Agent


The first thing to realize is that there are insurance companies and then there are insurance agents. An insurance agent is a person who’s licensed by the company to sell their insurance. You can usually sign up with the insurance company on your own, but you’re going to end up missing out on the things that you need. Talking to an insurance agent is going to give you a chance to tell them your exact situation and get exactly the kind of coverage that you need.


Affordable Premiums


One of the most important aspects of any insurance policy is the premium. This is the amount of money that you have to pay out of pocket before the insurance kicks in. It’s the cost of the insurance to you and you have to make sure that you can afford it before you sign up. Your insurance isn’t going to mean anything to you if you can’t continue paying for it. Make sure the premium is reasonable to you and that you can continue to pay it for as long as you have the insurance.


Reasonable Deductibles


After you pay your premiums, you’re still going to have to pay your deductibles. This is the cost of any medical service that you have to cover. They come into play for both medical visits and drug prescriptions. You want to make sure that you have a deductible that’s both affordable and reasonable. If you’re paying your premium then you don’t want to have to pay several hundred dollars every single time that you see your doctor. Ask about it first and make your decision with it at the forefront. You never want to be stuck paying for something while your insurance does nothing.


Coverage Map


Believe it or not, some insurance will only cover you in certain areas. Sometimes it can be specific to certain countries while other times it can be specific to certain areas of the country. If you travel a lot then you’re going to want insurance that will cover you when you’re away. If you don’t travel then you can save some money by reducing your coverage area. How large it should be is up to you but you want to be aware that it exists before you’re hit with an unexpected medical bill.


Preventative Care


As a sex worker, preventative care is the best way for you to stay healthy. This can come in the form of prophylactics, birth control, or even easy access to antibiotics. Lots of insurance companies will have this preventative care as an option. If you can get safe sex tools at no cost to you then you’re much more likely to always have them on you and ready to use. If you have the option of getting them with your insurance then you always want to take it. Passing it up is just asking for preventable trouble.


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