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Mandy Kloppers

Why Every Man Should Embrace the Baldness

Baldness is a popular style choice for both men and women. Despite this, Men that are balding or experiencing hair loss often try to hide their hair under beanies, cover their hairline with caps, and find any solution to turn back the time on their hair loss. However, there’s a better solution to stop balding: embrace the style and accept that your skin is in.

Why You Should Go Bald

Wherever you are in your current hair journey, it’s time to recognize the fact that you have a choice. If you’re losing hair faster than you’re growing it, going bald may be the next best option for you. Read on to learn why it’s time to shave your head:

1. Stop Caring What Other People Think

One of the main reasons so many men fail to embrace baldness is that they worry about what other people will think. Many worry that they will no longer be attractive without hair or that people will think they look strange. However, this type of negativity is all in your head.

If you’re on the fence about going bald, consider taking the leap. At the end of the day, the only person that you need to look good for is yourself, so go ahead and take the dive. After all your hair is gone, you’ll be able to see your facial features that much clearer. Remember, if you absolutely hate your new look, your hair will grow back. Until it does, hats and other accessories are always an option.

2. Embrace Your New Style

Going bald is a style that many men around the world already embrace. This fresh and clean look is worth making the change. Once you shave your head, you’ll realize just how attractive you are.

After going bald, many men realize that their personality is more evident as well. Likewise, they notice how much more attention they get as they stand out from the crowd and turn heads wherever they go.

One of the most important benefits of making the decision to shave your head is the ability to let go of worrying about how your hair looks all the time. Many men that are losing hair often struggle to cover their bald spots. As a result, they’re overly worried about whether or not their hair has shifted throughout the day, causing them to feel more insecure than they need to be.

If you want to embrace your confidence and accept your new look, take out the clippers. With a freshly shaved head, you’ll quickly start embracing your new look.

3. Lower Your Risk of Illness

Though your hair loss may not be directly correlated to your risk of having cancer, a study in 2010 discovered that men that go bald by 30 may be less likely to get prostate cancer. While there are several factors to consider in this statistic, going bald may ultimately lower one’s risk of cancer. This study revealed that men that lost their hair before reaching 30-years-old were able to reduce their likelihood of cancer by 45%.

Additionally, researchers from the University of Washington also assert that higher levels of testosterone linked to hair loss in men may act in a preventive manner against prostate cancer. While more research is needed, this study can act as further encouragement for anyone that needs a second opinion about going bald.

4. You Can’t Always Prevent Baldness

Just as men work ardently to cover their baldness whenever they go out, they also spend hundreds of dollars investing in hair growth products that may not work. Instead of looking for the secret solution to never going bald, consider taking the leap and shaving your head completely.

This is especially true if baldness runs in the family. While your hair may already be putting up a noble fight, if baldness is in your DNA, you’ll eventually end up going bald. Fast forward a few years and shave your head to take the future into your hands.

Alternatively, if you hope to get your old style back, here are many available solutions that trigger hair growth. If you’re interested in growing your hair back, consider a product like a laser cap. A laser cap can regrow your hair with almost no effort on your part. Simply wear the laser cap as you go about your day and watch your hair come back fuller than ever.

If you’re experiencing hair loss, it’s time to give baldness a second thought. Keep this information in mind as you decide what to do next with your look.