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Mandy Kloppers

Why dogs are good for your mental health

Tractive, the UK’s leading LTE Pet Tracker shares 4 reasons you should swap your human wingman or woman for a furry one this Valentine’s Day!

  • They’re fearless, filter-free socializers

Dogs don’t just boost our happiness levels. They also encourage us to face new challenges and interact with new people. According to a Harvard survey, dog parents have a 60% higher chance to get to know their neighbours. Dog parents simply get to know new people almost every day – with an adorable dog on your side, there’s always something to talk about. This can be very helpful not only in getting to know your neighbours, but also new friends and even partners.

With Tractive’s Activity Monitor feature, you can also get to know other fit dogs in your neighborhood. Maybe even end up going on a walk or hike together with their human?

  • They make us more attractive

We’re not saying it. Science is. This study found that having a dog increased attractiveness among certain groups of men in the dating pool. According to another study, 46% in the UK believe animal lovers make more attractive prospective partners. Approximately one third of survey participants believe that people with dogs are more loyal, compassionate, and kind. The survey also found that women are more likely to be attracted to animal lovers.

  • They make a match more likely

The “dog effect” works online too. In the UK 40%  would be more willing to date you if you were to have a dog.

It’s clear that a few cute dog selfies can go a long way to getting a match. But remember – honesty is the best policy here! If you just posed with a friend’s dog, your date is going to be very disappointed when they find out.

There’s also new dog dating apps and websites popping up all the time, aiming to bring dog lovers together. As they say, woof is in the air.

  • They motivate us to stay in shape

Unlike cats, dogs are guaranteed to get you going. Daily walks means you’ll be getting off the couch and out of the house for a healthy walk at least once a day – whether you like it or not! Plus, it’s just so much more fun to get sporty with your dog, with activities like dog jogs, bike rides, or hikes.

To keep fit with your buddy like a pro, all you need is an Activity Monitor for your dog. That way, you can keep track of how active they’ve been, set goals, and easily track your progress together.


Photo by Chewy on Unsplash

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