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Mandy Kloppers

Why Community Is So Important And How You Can Contribute

They say it takes a village to raise a family. What that means is that community is important when it comes to living in a society.  


Individualism has been put on a pedestal in these modern times, but it is only through community that we can actually be the best person possible and create a healthy place to live. 


What makes community so important? What can we do to make sure that we live in a place where community is important and to help build it? 


This article is about living a fulfilled life and bringing that joy to those around us to make life a little better for everybody. 


Here are some reasons why we should. 


Peace and harmony 


When people are living with a strong community spirit, there is a harmony that exists which helps to diffuse tension and misunderstandings. People are often wary and frightened of the “other” without realizing that many times that person they may fear is actually their neighbor. 


When there is a community, then people know each other and understand and appreciate the differences in all of us.  


Spirit of giving 


Selfless acts are the ties that bind a community together. When you look at cities where there is a strong sense of togetherness, it is usually because the people there are always looking for ways to give back to the community. 


Looking at how people give back in Austin, TX, it’s no wonder that city has one of the strongest communities in the US. 


There is a community spirit and civic pride that pervades many aspects of living in that city and is a model for others to follow. 


Division of work 


Many hands lighten the workload. This is how things were done for millenia. When everybody pitches in to make sure the work gets done then there is a feeling that we’re all in this together. 


The trashtag movement is a modern way for this division of work to happen. Instead of waiting for the government or some private entity to clean up an area, people took it upon themselves to do it. The result was a cleaner environment and a new sense of togetherness.  


When everybody has a hand in making things better, there is a bigger sense of ownership and a stake in the community. 


Safety in numbers 


When the older generation talk about how safe it was back when they were young, the most common reason they cite is that everybody watched out for each other. 


When there is a community feeling instead of a bunch of individuals that don’t know their neighbors, then there is nobody watching out. Anything can happen and nobody will know about it. 


Everybody gets lifted up 


People don’t struggle nearly as much when there is a strong community. If a family is in need or suffering then their neighbors are quick to lend a hand. It can be through a fundraiser or dropping groceries off at their door.  

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Photo by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash