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Why Choose Doctor Developed Skincare?

Over the past few years, there has been a merging of healthcare and skincare.  The technologies used in pharmaceutical drug delivery have made their way into a newer class of skincare called cosmeceuticals.

Doctor-developed skincare has played a large role in this shift. Given the scientific nature of the founders, such skincare brands often use cutting-edge technologies and back up their formulas with clinical trials.

In addition, doctors have hands-on experience with patients and often bring new solutions to the industry that they can’t currently find. For example, MZ Skin was designed to bring high-performance, results-driven skincare without medical-looking prescriptions.  ZENii was formulated to treat the skin holistically through balancing internal nutrition with effective topical regimes.


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“People are often drawn to doctor developed skincare brands as there is an element of trust and credibility of the founder. Science-backed formulations and independent clinical trials give consumers confidence that the products they buy will deliver the results they claim. Originally, I created MZ Skin as a passion project for something I wanted for myself and my patients that I could not find in the market – clean, effective formulations, backed by science that also have a beautiful ritual aspect to them, and didn’t look like a prescription bottle from a doctor!”

-Dr. Maryam Zamani, Founder of MZ Skin

“I created my own skincare & supplement brand because as a clinician I know the incredible synergy that exists between what we put into the body and what we put on to it. I wanted to create a high performance brand that recognised the concept of nourishing and fortifying the skin from the Inside Out. Tapping into this synergy was everything that we wanted to be. We wanted to disrupt the market and create game changing products that delivered results through cellular optimisation.”

-Dr. Johanna Ward, Founder of ZENii


The skincare industry is one in which the price of a product does not reflect its quality.  As scientific knowledge and innovation progress, genuine scientific expertise is essential to give full understanding and analysis of skincare products to ensure their performance matches their claims.

Dermoi stands with doctor-developed skincare ranges and is committed to providing a skincare platform in which every offer is selected and endorsed by in-house scientists for long-term skin health and wellness.

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