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Mandy Kloppers

Why CBD products deserve your attention

CBD products have exploded onto the market and at first, I didn’t take them too seriously. I thought it was the latest fad and steered clear of all the hype.

Then about a year later, I developed osteoarthritis in my feet and wrists. The pain was pretty severe and affected my walking. I had to give up my high heels which really upset me as I am only 154cms tall. I ended up having a cheilectomy on my left foot and 18 months later I still have as much pain as I’d had before the operation. As a result, I haven’t rushed back to have surgery on my right foot and did my best to get used to the pain.

CBD offers hope for many health conditions

One day, I happened to come across various CBD products from a company called NatureCan. I decided that I had nothing to lose and decided to try some of their products. The range looked very impressive with products such as hand cream, face sheet masks for better-hydrated skin and radiance and CBD oil. Their products come in many forms from oils and edibles (like gummies) to creams and capsules. The product that most caught my eye was their CBD joint balm.

CBD joint balm NatureCan CBD Joint Balm

I tested this product out by rubbing the soothing balm on my wrists and ankles (where my arthritis is painful) daily and I definitely found almost instant relief. I was amazed and noticed that the bone spurs on my wrist seem less obtrusive. I’m not sure if I am imagining that but overall I have been very pleased with the results.

I use this balm daily now and it has reduced the amount of pain I feel every day. I can’t recommend it highly enough! I have even been able to wear high heels now and then which was unheard of before trying the balm.

What are CBD balms used for?

CBD Balms can be easily applied to the skin to target problem areas, such as sore muscles and joints or irritated skin. Unlike CBD oil drops, CBD balms are absorbed by the skin and do not enter the bloodstream, allowing the user to keep the potential benefits of CBD localised to where they’re needed most. Discover more about CBD’s effects on pain here.

What is the difference between a balm and a cream?

CBD balms tend to use oil and wax bases, giving them a firmer, thicker consistency, whereas CBD creams use water or another moisturising agent to give them a lighter, more lotion-like consistency. There is one exception to this distinction in Naturecan’s CBD balm range: our Joint Balm. Despite the name, our CBD Joint Balm has a thinner, creamier consistency than our other balms to enable it to be easily pumped through a dispenser. I love it!!

Other NatureCan products that I recommend:

It’s worth checking out their extensive range of products as there are products that help with menopause, joint pain, skin hydration, insomnia and anxiety, to name a few. There is a restorative hand cream and I rub this into my hands every evening before bed. My hands look younger and less dry since using the cream.

restore hand cream Hand cream

What’s most important is that these products are quality tested (A six-stage process), so you are sure to get the best quality. Unfortunately, the rapid growth of the CBD industry has given regulators little time to catch up, allowing a large number of poor-quality products to appear on the market.


Why you can trust Naturecan’s products

With misleading label claims and no proof of independent testing, it can be difficult for consumers to be sure which brands they can trust when it comes to quality and safety.

The products are vegan with non-detectable levels of THC.

Enhancing beauty as well as health

Naturecan face sheet mask Naturecan face sheet mask for hydrated, radiant skin

I tried the face sheet mask and was sceptical but, again was pleasantly surprised when I saw how my skin glowed after using the mask. It looks as if I have had a non-invasive skin treatment like micro-needling. I look healthy and rested as if I have just returned from a holiday. Honestly – I can’t rave about these products enough and felt I couldn’t keep these amazing finds all to myself (I did think about it…).

I am planning to order more products and will happily provide an update once I have tried them. The products smell great too and some feel tingly on the skin. They offer a general feeling of wellness and well-being and I honestly don’t think I will ever be without these products in the future.

Mandy X

For more information or to order products go to NatureCan’s website

Final note:

Another reason to buy Naturecan’s products is that they pledge to plant a tree for every order they receive. In a world that is increasingly concerned with the state of the plant, this is a sign of a forward-thinking company that cares about what is important.

Find out more about their Sustainability programme: Sustainability Programme here.