Mental Health

Mandy Kloppers

Why blogging is fun

I started blogging in 2013. Initially, I started to blog because I felt I was in a unique position where I was seeing clients with life problems and learning from them as well as helping them. A lot of the information that came my way was incredibly useful and I hoped that perhaps this could be useful to others as well. Whenever I encountered a tricky or emotionally upsetting situation, I would use all the tools I have as a counsellor to try pick my way through it. If I found something that worked for me, I wanted to share it.

People make the mistake of thinking that if you are a mental health expert that you have a perfect life. WRONG! This is far from the truth and any counsellor or Psychologist who tells you they have a perfect life is lying to you. Of course – their version of perfect may mean that they accept their issues and feel happy with what they have. When I refer to “perfect” I mean someone who says they do not have any problems in life. Everyone has issues, no one escapes life’s challenges although some face more than others.

Blogging is fun because it gives me an outlet. I feel very lucky to be able to write about my thoughts. I also feel very fortunate to be able to help others. It offers a sense of meaning and purpose and this is one of the fundamental aspects that we need to feel content.

Blogging has taught me to keep going even when I felt that no one was reading and there was no feedback whatsoever, I kept going. It has taught me persistence and to keep on trucking despite the lack of any validation at times. I have found that many people appreciate but not everyone takes the time to give feedback. People are far more likely to let you know if you have offended them than made them happy. And that’s just the way it is.

Alexa rankings were the one thing that gave me some sort of indication that my blog was being read but apart from that, there were long stretches where I felt that perhaps I was wasting my time. I am so glad that I never stopped though. When you keep doing what you believe in, there is a certain satisfaction that comes with that. You also learn to trust yourself more and become more at ease with trusting your own decisions. In some ways it is good to be self reliant. We all need external validation but having an inner centred focus is validating too and helps you to trust yourself more.

Keep following what you want to do, even when it may seem hopeless. If it means something to you, focus on what you get out of it rather than whether it is worthless because no one else tells you it is worthy. Persistence pays off…this blog is proof of that.

Mandy X