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Mandy Kloppers

Why being too busy is a disease

I am not quite sure what’s happening but everyone I meet (myself included) seems to always be rushing around in a hurry, juggling so many things. Life is passing us by and we seem to be unable to change it or make it stop. Life responsibilities, duties and chores seem to take priority and the important things such as quiet time to reflect, self care and spending time with friends and family takes a back seat.

Being too busy is a disease. When we don’t have time to stop and assess whether our life is on track and whether we are spending time doing things that are sending us in the right direction, we lose direction. Our social self wins and our essential self is pushed to the side yet again. Our social self is the part of us that does what is expected of us. Our essential self is the real person, that person we were when we were young, before we were told how we need to be to be accepted by society. Our essential self and our social self are constantly in conflict.

Maintain a balance between your social self (your self that is too busy) and your essential self – the part of you that is the real you. Tune in to your essential self. Our social self is conditioned and send us into ‘auto’ mode where we don’t really think for ourselves. We do the job that is expected, we get married because it’s what everyone else is doing, we dress a certain ways as this is acceptable in society. Your essential self conforms less and is the route to true fulfilment.

Stop being so busy and tune in to what you enjoyed doing as a child. Be true to who you are and separate what it is you really want and what others want for you. There is a big difference. Don’t waste your life pleasing others – this is your life, your journey. You are here to learn lessons and achieve your true potential and that starts by listening to your inner wisdom.

Mandy X

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